Most Shocking Results in the Season So Far

We’re halfway into the season and we can now come to some conclusions about what’s happening in the Premier League. So far, from neutral point of view, it’s the best season ever. In just half a season we saw some of the biggest shocks in the Premier League history. We saw results that will echo for ages. We saw the rise and fall of the favorites and the progress of the underdogs. We saw 7 different teams go “Top of the league” and these results will show you why this season is the most competitive in the Premier league history.

Title favorites Man City hosted Leicester

In Gameweek 3 Riyad Mahrez opened the score for Pep’s team but then Jamie Vardy had a party leading his team to massive 3 points at Etihad. At this point everyone thought “Wow, Man City are in trouble this season”…Well, we all know what happened later on.

Manchester United hosted Tottenham Hotspur

A week later, Man U faced their former manager Jose Mourinho. After Bruno Fernandes scored a penalty in 2nd minute to give United the lead there was only one team on the pitch. Tottenham were faster, stronger, kept the ball better and attacked with such efficiency that it looked like Mourinho wanted to take his revenge on United for firing him few years ago. Liverpool fans were laughing at their biggest rival’s humiliation, but little did they know. Karma’s a bitch!

The Champions went to Villa

Liverpool had the self-confidence that this would be a game that won’t be that big of a challenge. Villa avoided relegation last season finishing just a point above 18th placed Bournemouth. But in this league when you underestimate someone, you suffer. And Liverpool paid dearly for the aristocratic approach to this game. This is a result they’ll never forget.

The Champion gets Revenge


Crystal Palace have always been a tough opponent to beat. In the recent years they were a hoodoo team for Liverpool. We all remember that 3-3 that ended Liverpool’s hopes for the title in 2013/14 season. But this time the Champions weren’t taking any chances, although Salah was left on the bench, the reds were ruthless and left no chance and registered one of the biggest away victories in the Premier league era.

Arsenal isn’t bad?

“What’s so shocking here?” You might say. “It’s two of the biggest teams in the country.” Yes, but at this point of the season the two team were miles apart. Chelsea were 2 points off top 4, and Arsenal were just 4 point above the relegation battle. They even added a clause in players’ contracts that if they get relegated they’ll have to take a pay cut. (Shocking move from the board) Well in this game Arsenal left no chances to Chelsea, beat them 3-1, and started their mini renaissance. 5 games later, both teams are equal on points…

The Streak Ends

68 games, more than 3 and a half years. That’s how long Liverpool’s undefeated home run was. April 2017 that’s how long ago was the last Anfield defeat for Liverpool. And then Burnley came. In the 83rd minute Alisson brought Ashley Barnes down and the referee pointed to the spot. Penalty for Burnley. Barnes stepped up and calmly slotted it into the back of the net. It’s all over. Chelsea’s record of 86 undefeated home won’t fall down soon, or at all.

The Wrong United

Manchester United finally started to look as a genuine title contenders. They were on currently the longest unbeaten run in the Premier league. Sheffield on the other side were looking hopeless in the relegation battle long ago. But that’s why the Premier league is the most competitive and interesting league in the world. Cause you never know what shock you may witness.

We saw such shocking results and we’re only halfway into the season. What else will we see until the end in May? How many more changes at top will we witness? Will we see a great escape from the relegation zone? Bring on the rest of the games.

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