Die Another Jay Recap

We open back in Iceland with a quick recap. Devin and Gabby are now partners, Kam won her elimination competition against Ashley sending Ashley home for the second time on this challenge, then chose to stay with her current partner Kyle, leaving Cory as the rouge agent. Kam is displeased having been put in that situation and is now adamant about coming for Jay who along with his partner Theresa voted them into elimination. Back at the house, the guys come for Jay. Kyle and Cory approach him pretty upset, as if it were a guys day, they would have been going against each other in the crater! Leroy is also upset as Jay sent his live in girlfriend Kam, into elimination without her prior knowledge. Does not look good for Jay right  now. Theresa came in to shut it down like mommy telling them to ‘knock it off boys,’ and Jay announces he is not at all sorry.  Then Theresa starts campaigning to throw Darrell in and turns out, CT is not completely upset with the idea. Darrell has won every final he has ever been in, it would increase CT’s odds of  winning if Darrell was not there. I continue to be surprised a the willingness of these OGs to stab each other in the back. Seems like had they banded together like the rookies did on day 1, this season would look very different. The rookies are ruling the roost here and I for one am here for it. If the vets are not smart enough to make that obvious alliance happen, let’s see what the rookies can do!

Fessy approaches Cory in a lackluster move to try and save his game and frankly impresses no one. It seems like he thinks he is apologizing for blindsiding both Cory and their alliance by throwing himself into elimination a few episodes ago against fellow alliance member Nelson but he does not seem to actually find the words ‘I was wrong and I am sorry.’ Really it sounds like he just keeps bringing up social anxiety as though that is his explanation as to why it is ok to stab his alliance in the back. One has nothing to do with the other and thankfully everyone else in the house is aware of this and is able to see right through Fessy’s garbage. Cory makes the smart game move and pretends to forgive Fessy but keeps his guard up. Devin is just about done with the Big Brother crew and starts to make it known he wants them out, and he is going to do what he can to get them thrown out. The green light flashes back at the house and you know it is challenge time.

We arrive at the beach where the signature CHALLENGE sign is already waiting for the challengers to line up in front of. TJ draws everyone’s attention to a helicopter flying overhead and announces this challenge is called Aerial Takedown.  Five challengers at a time will climb onto an awkward cargo net hanging from the helicopter. The helicopter will take off and the challengers will need to knock each other off the cargo, into the freezing cold water; last person standing wins and becomes this week’s Double Agents. TJ reminds us that half of the gold skulls are already gone, and if they want to run the final, they will need to compete in an elimination to get one. The stakes are higher than ever and the music selection continues to be on point.

Heat 1 consists of Kaycee, Big T, Kam, Aneesa, and Nany who acknowledges there is no way to prepare for this challenge, it is completely unique. They make their way to the helipad and climb up onto the cargo net. The helicopter takes off and the women start coming for each other.  It almost looks like playfighting as they just seem to be swapping at each other’s hands for awhile until Aneesa drops at someone’s command. Then they all start yelling at Big T to ‘go’ she shouts ‘goodbye’ and drops. This is all feeling very orchestrated. Kaycee and Kam actually start to go for each other then the cargo slams into the water. Kam loses her grip and falls the the water leaving Nany and Kaycee to duke it out. Kaycee essentially throws a shoulder at Nany who drops making Kaycee the clear winner.

Heat 2 is Kyle, Fessy, Darrell who is afraid of heights unfortunately, Nam, and Devin who once the helicopter is flying keeps reminding the guys that they can start the competition now but no one moves. Once Fessy realizes no one will move at this point, he realizes he needs to hang on if he wants to win. Nam is too worried to fight, he doesn’t want there to be a target on his back should he make a move, Darrell is too scared to move, and eventually time runs out and they all get disqualified. What a disappointment! These guys could have really put up a show out there and as a viewer I do feel somewhat cheated from what could have been an epic event.

Theresa starts trying to talk game with the other girls in her heat as they wait to go in and Amber B wants nothing to do with it.  Theresa confesses she wanted them to agree on one girl to win so they didn’t have to work very hard in this challenge but felt like the rookies were not quite picking up what she was putting down. It is their opinion that they are there to compete and are not interested in taking the easy way out. Theresa heads over to the helipad with Amber M, Amber B, Gabby and Lolo. They climb on the cargo and the horn blows. Unlike the men, the women start going for each other immediately. Amber M drops first, then Lolo with Theresa shouting at her to let go, Gabby was next, also with Theresa shouting at her to let go. This leaves rookie Amber B and Theresa to go at it and they are each really going for the win. The cargo hits the water, jostling the women, but they hold on! The cargo hits the water again and Amber goes flying, leaving Theresa as the winner of this heat. What a show! The women of this challenge are really stepping up and showing what strong women can do.

Heat 4 consists of Jay, Leroy, CT, Josh and Mechie who almost didn’t make it onto the cargo before the helicopter took off.  Jay makes a flying leap onto Leroy, trying to get him to drop. It really was an impressive leap, unlike Mechie’s from when he dropped right into the water almost immediately. The cargo gets slapped across the water and everyone stays on. CT acknowledges he’s cold and uncomfortable and is just waiting this one out while Leroy and Jay continue to battle to the death. Or really until the 4 of them got disqualified. That’s right, all of them, Jay, Leroy, CT and Josh who also hung on to the cargo like a baby to its mommy all got disqualified. Disappointing show from the men this go round.

CT feeling remorse as he knows he let TJ down

Back at the Challenge sign, where the challengers were lined up to hear who won, TJ acknowledges the good work Theresa and Jay put in as well as Leroy and Kaycee. He also congratulated the women as a whole.  Then he addressed the men and it wasn’t pretty. You know TJ can’t stand it when someone doesn’t give it their all. He follows this up by telling us one second separated the two teams in the running for this challenge. Much to Jay and Theresa’s dismay, Kaycee and Leroy are announced the winners and become this week’s Double Agents.

Back at the house waves are made as Amber B starts telling people that Theresa is now mad at her for not losing on purpose which she is simply enraged over. The crew goes out and Theresa is essentially a pariah, sitting by herself, no one wants anything to do with her. Gabby eventually comes over to Theresa to discuss the validity of the rumor going around that Theresa wants to throw in Darrell and Theresa goes into overdrive to handle some damage control. She bolts, abandoning Gabby entirely when Darrell agreed to speak with her. He calls her out on her rumored plan then she lies in the confessional about how she was not trying to go against Darrell like she was not campaigning against him earlier in the episode. The rookie girls aren’t having it and Theresa starts arguing with Amber B in the middle of the igloo club, which feels like a bad game move. Aneesa suggests that perhaps Theresa befriended all the rookies and thought she could get them to be her minions and they aren’t exactly interested. It’s a real Wes Bergmann move, which is interesting considering how upset Theresa was when she found out he was on this challenge.

Meanwhile back at the house, Devin and Fessy seem to be going at each other. Rather Devin is poking the bear and Fessy is falling for it. Fessy then starts screaming at all the guys there and somehow tries to get into it with Kyle, who really just appeared to be an onlooker. Someone did scream “BIG BROTHER SUCKS” at one point so I do have some suspicion that might have been Kyle, but who is to say really. Josh saw there was a camera present so he jumped in to separate Fessy from Kyle, pushing them apart just as security arrived. Josh takes Fessy outside to calm down, and Fessy threatens to fight him too. Josh essentially says no and Devin moons them from inside the house. Fessy is about to lose his mind but Josh convinces him to go to bed. Josh then walks in on Devin, Aneesa and Kyle chatting in the kitchen, doesn’t like what they are saying and throws water at them from across the kitchen. Security carts him away. Devin is somehow allowed to then approach Josh again and Josh counts down until he loses his mind and pushes Devin across the room into a couch. Devin loves it and continues to berate him as Nany carts her partner Josh away. Looks like Devin’s plan to get the Big Brother people out of the house is well on its way.

The next morning at deliberation, Devin apologizes to the house for his part of the previous night’s shenanigan’s, asks to not be thrown in to elimination and attention shifts to Jay who is first on everyone’s mind after last week’s blindside anyway. Theresa and Jay try to throw everyone’s attention to CT, but they were not at all ready for this Boston realness. CT reminds the entire house of the fact that Theresa has lied to everyone there and absolutely cannot be trusted. Aneesa has been around long enough to know his game, which is to divert attention then fade into the background. On cue, Kam and Theresa start arguing about how Theresa should want to go in to earn her gold skull and CT doesn’t say another word. The challengers vote and we find out Theresa and Jay are voted into elimination. Leroy tells Kaycee in their Double Agent deliberation that he wants to go into elimination against Jay to try and get his gold skull. Then he goes right to Kam and tells her his plan continuing to impress us all with their relationship that is total goals. Considering his partner first and foremost? Yes please.

We head to the crater where TJ addresses the arguing from the night before but does not actually send anyone home for it.  Not sure what happened to the 100% no tolerance policy of physical violence, but ooook MTV. It almost seems like TJ is more upset about the men not at all participating in this week’s challenge as he announces none of the votes from those particular guys would count to see who will be thrown in.  Jaws drop of course but this changes nothing and Jay and Theresa are still voted into elimination. TJ asks Leroy if he wants to compete in this elimination for his gold skull and he happily accepts the challenge, announcing it will be his pleasure to send the person home who blindsided his girlfriend into elimination. Get that gold skull but make it revenge!

The Challenge is called Fire Escape which we have seen before but is now twice as long with 3 times the obstacles. The Challengers will hang upside down from beams with their limbs tethered together. They will use their ropes to race to the end and back of the beams they are hanging off of handling any obstacles that may get in their way. The men get ready for their event and Leroy announces this will likely be his last Challenge season as he and Kam are starting a life together in Houston, Texas. Jay repeats he is playing for his family that the million dollar prize would make a huge difference in their lives as he gets emotional.

The starter horn blows and the guys are off. They seem to be keeping pace with each other as they make their way down their respective beams. Leroy pulls ahead and goes so fast he legit looks like he is flying. He hits the end of the beam then speeds his way back to the other side, wining the event and sending Jay home. The Challengers cheer for Leroy as he openly flirts with his girlfriend Kam, enjoying his win. TJ congratulated him announcing he won in under a minute! He is thrilled someone finally took the opportunity to throw themselves in and earn that gold skull.  He offers Leroy the chance to stay with his partner Kaycee, switch to newly rogue agent Theresa (HA!) or pick from any of the females in the game. Leroy states while he would like to finish the game with his girl Kam, Kaycee is his partner and he is going to do what he can to get her a gold skull as well so he will stick with her. Theresa and Cory are paired together as they are now both without partners. At the end of the day the challenges were disappointing but the drams is sticky icky. Keep it here with The Buzz for next week’s episode when we find out if the men feel like showing up, or if the women will continue to outshine them in The Challenge.

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