Fantasy Baseball Catchers Rankings

Buster Olney's top 10 catchers -- J.T. Realmuto, then all the rest

Hi, I am here to help prepare you for your Fantasy Baseball Drafts for this year. So lets get started!

Here are your Top 15 Catchers rankings.

1. J.T. Realmuto Philadelphia Phillies

2. Travis D’Arnaud Atlanta Braves

3. Salvador Perez Kansas City Royals

4. Yasmani Grandal Chicago White Sox

5. Christian Vazquez Boston Red Sox

6. Wilson Contreras Chicago Cubs

7. Gary Sanchez New York Yankees

8. Will Smith Los Angles Dodgers

9. James McCann New York Mets

10. Kurt Suzuki Los Angles Angels

11. Yadier Molina Free Agent

12. Sean Murphy Oakland Athletics

13. Austin Nola San Deigo Padres

14. Mitch Garver Minnesota Twins

15. Jorge Alfaro Miami Marlins

Please comment to let me know what you think of the Catcher rankings. I would be happy to discuss any player further.

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    1. Aaron Truesdale Post author

      I believe he is overrated in fantasy baseball at his position. He also has injury issues as well. Which is why I put him at 8.

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