Top Trade Destinations for Matthew Stafford

This upcoming NFL off-season is going to be very busy with a ton of great players available via trade or free agency and we have the first big name player officially put on the trading block: Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Stafford is a very good quarterback that has spent his whole career with Detroit. The Detroit Lions aren’t the best ran organization but Stafford has been a very productive player for them and a huge asset in the community. Stafford asked management for a trade and management agreed to find him a new team. With new coach Dan Campbell coming in and a complete rebuild upcoming it only makes sense to move Stafford and load up with draft capital and then draft one of the quarterbacks in the upcoming draft and start over. As for Stafford the question now is what teams does it make sense for him to go to? Well, that’s why I’m here as I am going to give you the three destinations that it makes the most sense for Matthew Stafford to go to.

Colts offer Matthew Stafford best, fresh start as he & Lions part ways (& a  peek at where else could work) - PressboltNews

1.) Indianapolis Colts

With the retirement of Phillip Rivers the Indianapolis Colts are now left with a huge void to fill at quarterback. With Jacoby Brissett a free agent and with Jacob Eason being the only quarterback on the roster the Colts are easily the best fit for Matthew Stafford. With having a projected 68 million dollars in room the Colts have plenty of cap to absorb Stafford’s 20 million dollar cap hit this year. Stafford also has a 23 million dollar cap hit for 2022. Acquiring Stafford with a team loaded with talent and a great offensive line would keep the Colts as one of the favorites in the AFC. This would easily be the most talented team Stafford has played for in his career and give him a chance to have some postseason success which is something he never had in Detroit. The Colts need to call the Lions ASAP.

Patriots: Could Matthew Stafford be an option if Tom Brady leaves?

2.) New England Patriots

Replacing Tom Brady with Cam Newton didn’t work out so well for the Patriots last year so its time to try something else. That something else should be Matthew Stafford. The Patriots don’t have tons of talent on the offensive side of the ball and that was obvious in 2020 but with close to 58 million dollars in projected cap room Stafford is affordable for the Patriots. The lack of talent on the offensive side could also be addressed if the Patriots also pursue Kenny Golladay or Marvin Jones (both teammates with Stafford last year in Detroit). The Patriots will obviously be looking to upgrade the offensive playmakers next year. Draft compensation is going to be interesting since the report is the Lions want a first round pick in return and Bill loves holding onto picks even though he hasn’t been the best drafting offensive talent over the last few years. New England is still in win-now mode as Belichick is nearing the end of his coaching career and likely isn’t looking to rebuild. Stafford IMO is the best quarterback on the market (outside of Deshaun Watson who I think the Patriots have a zero percent chance of getting) that the Patriots can acquire. If Stafford comes to New England and they put some pieces around him the Patriots should be back in playoff contention in 2021.

Potential addition of Matt Stafford could spell trouble for Alex Smith

3.) Washington Football Team

This will obviously depend on if current Washington quarterback Alex Smith retires, which I think he will. Stafford would be a great fit in Washington with coach Ron Rivera and solid weapons such as Terry McLaurin, Antonio Gibson, Logan Thomas, and JD McKissic as well as a great defensive line and solid defense. Washington won the NFC Least last year and gave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all they could handle in the playoffs this year. Washington is expected to have around 44 million dollars in cap space available so they could easily afford Stafford. Stafford would bring some stability to the quarterback position and give Washington the ability to invest in the back end of the defense which was the team’s weakness in 2020. Alex Smith’s injury history and the fact he’s injury prone hurt Washington in 2020 as well as the failure of former first round pick Dwayne Haskins. Stafford would give you 3-4 more years of solid quarterback play and give you the ability to draft a younger guy in a year or two and develop him under Stafford. This is a move I think would make Washington the favorite in the NFC East next year and potentially years to come.

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