5 Characters I Want to See in Superman & Lois

With the release of the new Superman & Lois trailer my hype for the show is growing along with I’m sure many others. It inspired me to share the 5 characters that I am most hoping to see in the show, once it debuts next month.

Honorable Mention: Kingdom Come Superman

I decided to make Brandon Routh’s Kingdom Come Superman an honorable mention, because as much as I want to see him appear on the show, he has already interacted with Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman, in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Brandon Routh absolutely killed it in his 2nd go around as the Man of Steel. He stole the crossover with his messages of Hope and perseverance. And even though we see by the end of the Crossover his world seems to have changed as his symbol is no longer black, I would still like to see him make another appearance in Superman & Lois.

5. Cyborg Superman

Yes, I know that Hank Henshaw/ Cyborg Superman has already appeared in Supergirl, but I would still like to see him, or a more comic accurate version of him, in Superman & Lois. Cyborg Superman is a character that I really love. Even just from the design alone, he is such a cool character. But Beyond that he is a character with a lot going on, as both an enemy of Superman and as his own character. Supergirl really didn’t do the character justice. There was not much to the character and he didn’t even dawn a Superman costume. With even the actor (David Harewood) saying in an interview “I don’t like playing Cyborg Superman. It’s boring. They didn’t really flesh it out, they didn’t really write for the character.” So I think it would only be right, now that there is a Superman show, that they give this character another go. He could be from another universe, or they could say his past was altered due to the remaking of Earth Prime. But either way if they bring in Cyborg Superman, they better do him justice this time around.

4. Ultraman

With the Justice League/Superfriends finally being created at the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths, I believe that the Crime Syndicate (An evil version of the Justice League from Earth-3) would make for a great first crossover for the team. But whether or not that happens, Ultraman would make for a great Superman & Lois villain. The leader of the Crime Syndicate and every bit as Evil as Superman is good, Ultraman is a great foil for Superman, especially the more experienced Superman that the show will be giving us. Having to deal with the knowledge that another version of him is that evil is a strong storyline, and Ultraman would provide a powerful physical threat as well, especially if he has the rest of the Crime Syndicate by his side.

3. Brainiac

Brainiac is probably the name I’ve most heard mentioned when people are talking about characters they want to see in the show. And that is for good reason. One of Superman’s most famous adversaries and he has yet to have a really great live action appearance. Brainiac would make for an amazing season long villain on the show. And beyond that it would be something new for many viewers instead of reusing villains that have already been seen by most of the general public. He would provide a huge threat and would definitely up the stakes of the show. Not to mention that he has ties to one of Supergirl’s most popular characters Brainiac-5. 

2. Lobo

Who doesn’t want to see more of the Main Man in live action. For such a popular character amongst DC fans, Lobo has been criminally underutilized in mainstream media. His only live action appearance was in the show Krypton. Superman & Lois should definitely utilize the character as a recurring foe for the series. Lobo is an intergalactic Bounty Hunter and could make for some very interesting stories. Whether he is after Superman himself, or Superman just finds himself between Lobo and his bounty, there are many compelling stories to be told with The Main Man.

1. Green Lantern

We already know that David Ramsey’s character John Diggle has found what appears to be a Green Lantern ring. We also know that he and his family moved to Metropolis at the end of Arrow. It has also been confirmed that David Ramsey will be appearing on several Arrowverse shows this season including Superman & Lois. So all the pieces are there for Green Lantern’s debut in the Arrowverse. A Green Lantern would most likely be a bit overpowered on most of the CW shows so a Superman show is probably the best place for him and his powers to fit in. In addition, Superman & Lois has the highest budget of the CW shows, meaning they could probably afford the special effects necessary for Green Lantern. With John Stewart being my personal favorite DC character I would love to see his first live action appearance happen in Superman & Lois, whether it is John Diggle or if we see a version of him from another universe as John Stewart. Either way Green Lantern would make for a great recurring character on the show.

Let us know who you’re most excited to see show up in the comments!

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