WWE Smackdown | A Fan’s Perspective

WWE’s best show currently is Friday Night Smackdown. You may be asking why? I’ll give you an answer. It comes down to great storytelling and really good matches that are making for some compelling television on Friday nights. 

It used to be Raw that had always been the one show that represented the company as their flagship and in some respects still is. But I would argue Smackdown should get such a title. Over the past several months, Fridays on Fox have been a lot more entertaining than Monday nights on USA. Smackdown is two-hours compared to a three-hour Raw but still succeeds and dare I say been more successful by getting the right superstars over and at least with their creative seeming to make some sort of sense.

Here’s what happened and helped change the momentum for Smackdown. Vince McMahon listened to one of his biggest stars, Roman Reigns, and finally let him become that villainous heel. Reigns embraced this change, from what we’ve heard, he was very instrumental in suggesting to Vince that the timing was right for Roman to become “The Tribal Chief.” What made it bigger was with pairing Paul Heyman with Reigns. This had to be a catalyst that to me set the tone and direction for Smackdown. McMahon, along with Reigns, also knew that having the addition of a Jey Uso who was in need of an edge to his gimmick would help. Think about how WWE invested and built up a terrific storyline concerning having Reigns become a leader to what appears to be a new faction. Reigns had to humble and teach his cousin Jey a lesson before he allowed him a seat at the table. WWE was very patient and we’re still a witness to one of pro-wrestling’s hottest storylines they’ve done in a long time.

Kevin Owens fits with Roman as a rival counterpart and from their first meeting competing in the ring. The two have chemistry also with how well each competitor could express and emote with their promos.

Sasha Banks and Carmella too. Listen, many are gonna be critics of Carmella facing Sasha, but let’s be honest Sasha as your Smackdown Women’s Champion has to have another opponent that fans view could be a threat to her title. Carmella is a logical challenge due to her once holding the belt for Smackdown in the past. WWE once again were hyping a mysterious, attractive woman in vignettes for weeks and we had not seen Carmella on television for a while. So it was a way to reintroduce her and program her in a feud with Sasha so these two could change up their matches. I mean there are different ways of telling a story in the ring.

Shinsuke Nakamura turning babyface was a huge move even though he proved to be versatile when portraying a heel. I can theorize why WWE switched Nakamura, if you’re paying attention to some of Smackdown’s stories Cesaro had defeated Daniel Bryan over the past few weeks on this show. Nakamura turned good guy so he can wrestle against his former tag-team partner Cesaro. I believe that would be a great series of matches. They both are destined for big singles runs when discussing Cesaro and Nakamura.

One of the greatest, pure wrestlers ever who is still active but is transitioning more into a possible part-time role and maybe a backstage role is Daniel Bryan. Bryan is still working at such a high level however he’s come to a point where he wants to help get other talent over. Bryan has shown how giving he truly is.

Bayley will eventually go back after the Smackdown Women’s Championship to challenge Sasha Banks or maybe Bayley rejoins Banks to team again. Having Bianca Belair as a great babyface who’s already been feuding with Bayley. I point this out because Belair could challenge Sasha for the Women’s Championship representative of the blue brand. I like where WWE could take Bayley, Belair, and even Sasha.

Big E as Intercontinental Champion has been fantastic, I’m a big supporter of his. Here are some what if theories, hear me out – Big E is a tremendous babyface with a following in regards to his association with The New Day. Recently Apollo Crews has been challenging Big E for the belt in a couple of matches so far. Now they’ve teased a possible heel turn for Crews, however that’s fine. Just an idea, what if WWE turned Big E heel and you would position Crews back to being that good guy persona. In my opinion, imagine a scenario where one could have a mean heel version of Big E, maybe similar to what Reigns is doing, but of course not exactly the same because you don’t want to overshadow what Reigns has been doing. If anybody can do it, Big E can do it. 

Personally, Triple H and Daniel Bryan have been a breath of creative fresh air to compliment Vince McMahon’s creative experience. I’m guessing, not claiming I know, that Bryan has a creative role backstage but I assume Triple H has been most definitely involved with Vince.

These are just all theories, not claiming to know anything concerning the professional wrestling profession. I’m an avid viewer and a fan of WWE.  Like the title said, It’s from my perspective as a fan going by what I’ve seen when it comes to their creative and storylines.

Which WWE show do you prefer: Raw, NXT, Smackdown, or all of them? Share your opinion with us by leaving a comment below.

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