Vince McMahon’s Reaction To WCW Signing The Giant (Big Show)

Former veteran WWE Referee Mike Chioda recently revealed that he had actually met the Big Show before he ended up signing with WCW during an episode of the “Monday Mailbag.” WWE had an opportunity to sign him and let’s just say Vince McMahon was not happy about it when he found out that his competition WCW was able to sign the Big Show before he could. For McMahon to have another Giant meant big money for his company.

Chioda mentioned that, “We were in North Carolina at the show,” He talked about how both Vince McMahon and Pat Patterson were always watching what WCW was doing on their monitors. It’s interesting because Chioda spoke to the fact that they gathered in Vince’s office and Kevin Dunn would be in the truck monitoring the WCW Nitro shows. Chioda said, “it had been a little while back, I would say, 3-6 months before a show in North Carolina, they were doing Monday Night Raw that’s when [he] met Big Show.” He discussed meeting him in a nightclub in Philadelphia. Chioda lived in South New Jersey and was in this nightclub and Big Show came up to him. Chioda upon seeing him thought it was the second coming of Andre or at least like him.

Chioda had a conversation with Big Show while they both were still at the club and said he knew who he was. Chioda described him as having been in great shape, hair, his hands, and obviously this dude was huge. “So, I got his name and number. He gave it to me and then I gave his information to Pat Patterson one day. I said, ‘Pat, you have to check this guy out. I mean he’s another Andre the Giant,’ it was unbelievable.” Chioda was putting over Big Show to Pat by complimenting his great shape and hair and had those huge hands like Andre. Chioda’s reaction as he described it was that, “I’m flipping out because Pat told him he had to call this guy.”

“A few months went by and I’m walking past Vince’s office. All of a sudden I saw Big Show on the WCW monitor. Vince and Pat’s reaction when they saw him on that same monitor in WCW. They said holy sh-t, who is this guy?” Chioda walked by and saw The Giant as he was known then on the monitor. Pat and Vince were sitting there and Chioda said, “Hey Pat, What happened to that guy? He didn’t work out? Did you call him or he didn’t want to come over because he was interested. Vince looks at me, looks at Pat and Pat goes, ‘What do you mean?’ I said, ‘I gave you that guy’s phone number a few months ago. I told you I met him at a Philadelphia nightclub. He was a bouncer.’ Vince went, ‘What the F—k Pat?’ Pat goes,  ‘Mike, this guy?’ I’m like ‘Yes, that guy’ I turned around and I got out of there because Vince said. ‘Excuse me Mike’ and slammed the door. 5 minutes later Pat comes chasing me down saying, ‘What the f—-k that was him?'” Chioda answered in the affirmative. Pat said, “I thought you were talking about a guy that we already signed.” Chioda said “No. I told you this guy looked like Andre the Giant.” Pat said, “Oh my God no.” Chioda recalls the moment when Big Show came into WWE, “me and Pat were standing there and Big Show and he looked at me and said, ‘Thanks a lot for giving my number out.’ ‘This is the man to talk to right here, Pat Patterson,’ Chioda then explained about him coming to wrestle for the WWF.

We want to credit the “Mailbag Monday with Mike Chioda” on for quotes used in this article.

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