Devil’s Reject | Chiesa vs Magny

Hey Buzz fans, this Wednesday we saw the progression of Michael “Maverick” Chiesa as a welterweight contender. Yesterday he defeated Neil Magny in five rounds on his very first main event on fight island in Abu Dhabi, and did it in very impressive fashion. He showed incredible grappling and ground work against an opponent who is literally strong in every aspect of the game. His team this week actually referred to him as “Batman,” because it’s like he’s got the utility belt that Batman wore, literally every tool you need in that belt. He’s a great, powerful striker, he can grapple, just not to the level Michael Chiesa was at on Wednesday.

Chiesa ground Magny down with his grappling, even when Magny would think he had the upper hand, if you blinked Chiesa would be on top of him or getting the best of the grappling. One person during the fight actually tweeted that Chiesa was like a wet blanket that Magny could not get out from underneath. He even mixed in some very improved striking as well, connecting with a few punches. Cheisa maintained control for the majority of five rounds and never took a break, countering Magny’s pace, who was stalking Chiesa throughout the fight. Michael’s takedowns were beautiful and came at ease to him whenever he decided to take the fight to the ground. So the question is, what’s next for Michael Chiesa?

We first saw Chiesa when he won T.U.F (the ultimate fighter) on FX. In the finale he defeated Serra/Longo prodigy Al Iaquinta with a rear naked choke in the 1st round. He was in the lightweight division at the beginning of his career, and had his ups and downs in the division. He kinda just remained the mid card act there, not really putting together strings of wins, instead just going back and forth in the win/loss column. But in 2018 he made a power move by moving up to the 170 lbs welterweight division.

His first fight at welterweight he beat MMA legend Carlos Condit on December 29, 2018 in the second round with a submission. Then three more victories in the division against Diego Sanchez, Rafael Dos Anjos, and his latest against Neil Magny. So he went from the back and forth in the lightweight division to putting together four straight in the welterweight division in a very impressive fashion beating four legit fighters.

So as I asked earlier, what’s next? Well if you asked Chiesa himself, he made it clear in the post fight interview that he wants Colby Covington. “The election is over Colby Covington, your schtick is done, I want you next boy!” Supposedly Covington is supposed to fight Jorge Masvidal next, but as of yet we haven’t been told that a date is set. So with four wins in a row under his belt, it’s clear that Chiesa is moving up fast, so I ask you the fans, who do you guys wanna see Michael “Maverick” Chiesa fight next?

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