Things That Make You Go Hmm

Ever find yourself looking at something and wondering how it could have been better? Ever see someone repurpose something and have one of those ‘ah-ha‘ moments? Check out some cool ways you can tweak little things in your day-to-day life that will make your life more convenient in such practical ways!

Waterproofing Shoes

You can create a “waterproof” coating for your shoes by simply rubbing bees wax all over them and then using a blow dryer to heat the coating/film into the fabric. This will cause water to bead right off so you can keep those socks dry!

89 how to waterproof your shoes

Avoid Spillage

Ever need to fill a bucket that just won’t fit in the sink properly without making a mess everywhere? Check it out! You can use a dustpan (a clean one would be ideal of course) and use it to create a waterfall-like effect to fill that bucket without making a mess!

use a clean dust pan

Hold That Open For Me Will Ya?

Well this one definitely comes in handy. These hangers are otherwise useless! But, not only will it hold your book wide open, it’ll also conveniently hang it at eye level!

try a pants hanger

Fix Those Keyboard Feet

I can’t tell you how much I wish I knew this one earlier in life. I’ve tossed so many keyboard over this. What a neat way to fix a common problem. Give it a shot – it works!

user binder clips

The Perfect Pancake

This one is quite brilliant. When you’re done with that ketchup bottle, don’t toss it! Rinse it out, give it a good wash and repurpose it!

put pancake mix in a ketchup bottle

Hosting Made Easy

This one is clever. Not sure about the tomatoes and onions that way – perhaps diced up would work better. But this is great for #TacoTuesday as well!

use a muffin tin to serve condiments at a bbq

Keep Away From Children

This is a great way to use those hanging shoe racks – I mean let’s face it, these things don’t really work for shoes anyways! Great way to keep organized and keep chemicals away from kids!

use a hanging shoe rack to store cleaning supplies

Iced Coffee

This is pretty brilliant. Not much to explain here. You could essentially use this concept for several options.

for iced coffee and iced cappuccino, use frozen coffee cubes

Hey Can I Borrow This? Sure. Say Cheese!

This one made me laugh. Such a funny yet clever idea. I’m sure you’ve had several things wander away from your home and never find their way back.

take pictures of friends holding items

Don’t Have Corkscrew?

This could get messy if you aren’t careful. But I feel like this is such a Tim the Toolman Taylor way of opening a corked bottle when you just don’t have a corkscrew. Twist a screw into the cork and use the back end of a hammer to slowly pry the cork out!

52 How to open a bottle if you dont have a corkscrew.

Nailed It!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hammered a finger – don’t lie, you know it’s happened to you too! This is pretty smart and it’ll save you from the pain.

78 clothespin to hold nail

Ok so maybe some of these are silly – but it doesn’t hurt to try! There are so many more “lifehacks” out there if you Google it. Some of the most common household items can be repurposed for really convenient ways of doing other things! Let us know if you’ve tried any of these and let us know how it turned out.

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