Madison Rayne On Retirement

Newly retired Impact Star Madison Rayne recently did an interview with Ryan Bowman of the Sportskeeda website where she talked to him about her career with Impact Wrestling. She also opened up by explaining why she decided to retire from professional wrestling. Rayne chose this past Saturday’s January 16th’s Impact Hard To Kill pay-per-view to officially announce her retirement. She and her husband long-time lead commentator Josh Matthews who provided the play-by-play for the promotion had the opportunity to work together for Impact calling the matches for their weekly television show and pay-per-views last year in 2020. Impact Wrestling had announced earlier last week that Matthews would be promoted to Senior Producer for both their weekly program on Tuesday night’s and for PPVs as well.

Rayne has decided to move on as she has enjoyed a stellar career. Rayne is a highly-educated woman who wants to pursue her options outside of the industry where the former Knockouts Champion has been very successful. Previous reports broke a story that had said Rayne would be taking on a full-time job which did not include wrestling. She even stated it was just time for her to move on at this point in her life. “This business… I have given it so many years of my life, but it has given infinitely more back to me,” Rayne commented. “In that sense that, for the first seven years of my daughter’s life, I haven’t been sitting behind a desk, and committed to a structured schedule. And, I spent so much time with her that a lot of parents don’t get in those early years.” But Rayne thinks it’s time to pivot, “you know, I just graduated from college back in December. So, it’s time to put those student loan dollars and that degree to use.”

Rayne made the admission that she will have growing pains because of the adjustment moving away from Impact into the real world. “It will be uncomfortable, and I think there will be definite growing pains paraphrasing. I will miss it. I will have to figure out something to do. I will have to pick up, I don’t know rock climbing, or something so she can get that much needed adrenaline rush,” Rayne said.  Madison Rayne has cemented her legacy when it comes to the Knockouts Women’s Division in Impact. She has an appreciation for all that she was able to accomplish while being there. Rayne owes everything to the wrestling fans.

“It’s so simple and the fans deserve so much more, but literally all I can say is, thank you,” spoken by an emotional Madison Rayne. “Because, I have out-lived the expiration date that most people place on a female performer. And, I have gotten to see places in the world that I never could’ve imagined and done so many things and it’s all because the fans are saying yes to Madison Rayne. They booed me when they we’re supposed to, and also she was lifted up by those same fans who cheered her on. Rayne without that? I wouldn’t have had a career that I’ve had. I am forever, forever grateful to all of the fans.”

We say Thank You to an amazingly gifted and talented wrestler in Madison Rayne. What a storied, great career she’s had. We all wish her nothing but the best with her future endeavors. We’re all such big supporters and fans of hers. 

We would like to credit Sportskeeda for using some of the quotes that were used in this specific article, a big thank you to them.

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