Eric Bischoff Believes He Saw Talent in Erick Rowan

A former WWE Star Erick Rowan has support from one of professional wrestling’s more controversial figures that is none other than Eric Bischoff.  

Eric Bischoff spoke with Sportskeeda and had nothing but great things to say regarding Rowan. Bischoff’s most recent run with WWE was as an Executive Producer for Friday Night Smackdown during a time where he got to see up-close the unlimited potential of Rowan. See both were a part of the Smackdown brand at the time. Bischoff believed Rowan was somebody who had a lot of potential that Bischoff recalled from his time with WWE. Erick could have developed a great promo as far as Bischoff is concerned “I worked with him, you know, a few times, maybe three or four times, helping him work on his promo, you know right before he went out on a live show.” Bischoff said Rowan listened very carefully, and he processed everything very carefully. “He really focused and put a lot of thought into it.”

In Bischoff’s opinion Erick Rowan was a strong listener for a big man. He continued on raving about his work, “To me when I see somebody who really focuses and listens and tries to process and absorb the information, you know, that’s a big part of it. You know, you would want to do it, just like anything else in life. If you don’t have a strong desire to do it, you don’t really want it; you’re really not going to focus on it. Erick did. Erick Rowan did, and I think he would have been a person that I think, with the right manager, possibly, could have had different results in WWE.” According to Bischoff, Erick Rowan is just one. There are many who don’t pan out.

Fans witnessed just how talented Erick Rowan was when you watched him wrestle. He has tremendous upside from not only a viewer’s perspective, but also from the perspective of those inside the business who worked with him. Rowan had been first introduced on WWE TV as a member of Bray Wyatt’s Stable simply called the Wyatt family. Rowan immediately stood out for how versatile he could be with his in-ring abilities. That was on full display whether he was a singles competitor or a part of a tag-team. Rowan achieved so much with his late friend also a tremendous talent Jon Huber. Huber was known as Luke Harper while in WWE followed by taking on the gimmick of Brodie Lee as the leader of the Dark Order in AEW. They were known as The Bludgeon Brothers as well.

Both men were able to win and capture the WWE Tag Team Championships across two different brands including NXT and Smackdown. Rowan while teaming with Daniel Bryan added yet another tag-team title reign to the list of accomplishments to his career.

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