Who is the Newest Member of Roman Reigns’ Stable?

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns’ new stable appears to be growing. You may be asking the question as to who it is, well if you were able to watch last night’s episode of Friday Night Smackdown on Fox then it’s simple. Apollo Crews was seen sitting with “The Tribal Chief” Reigns during a segment backstage. WWE is slowly laying the foundation to make fans think Crews will be turning heel and likely he’ll join Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and Jey Uso.

Heyman is such a creative genius, listen to this just last week on Talking Smack Heyman was motivating Crews after taking such a hard fought loss on Last Week’s Smackdown to the WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E.

Actually the WWE were already planting those seeds before we witnessed Apollo Crews having a conversation with Roman Reigns. Which is very intelligent because every good if not great story has to have time to build and begin to develop one could say till it finally matures into something that exceeds expectations. So credit to creative here, but how important is Paul Heyman not only for Reigns and Jey Uso right now? He sees potential when discussing Crews becoming that dastardly heel. Crews is a very talented, capable athlete and he was a former Intercontinental Champion, however maybe Apollo needs that Heyman touch which will elevate a good career into a greater one. Crews will now get that rub from not only Heyman but also Reigns who’s already a Champion so Apollo doesn’t necessarily need a title. He’d be better by just standing beside Reigns and I did not forget about Jey Uso. Think of the possibilities with him and Jey teaming up wreaking havoc on their opponents when giving the orders by “The Tribal Chief” Reigns. To be honest as good as we know Crews is and can be, don’t you feel he’s still missing that extra edge with his gimmick. Crews can emote and show a different side of his personality, have more attitude and how he works in the ring.

If you heard or paid attention during Crews’ match against Sami Zayn, Apollo outsmarted and was able to defeat Zayn by having a handful of his tights to earn a shot for the Intercontinental Title next week on Smackdown versus Big E. Crews had outwitted one of the most underhanded heels in the company in Sami Zayn. If your having a heel against a potential heel match and Zayn has already been established as a heel with a babyface turning into a heel in the scenario then this cements that fact by having Crews coming out victorious by beating your established heel in Zayn especially if your building to him aligning with Reigns, Heyman, and Uso.

One better way to probe such a formula is by having Crews grab at Zayn’s tights he’s just doing what Sami would have done, maybe even better. That’s how you get him over as that heel. Here’s another scenario: what if Crews defeats Big E next week to become the New WWE Intercontinental Champion? That’s not a bad visual, having Crews as your Intercontinental Champion standing next to your Universal Champion Reigns. WWE can still keep the Apollo Crews feud going with Big E regardless of the outcome in next week’s match whether Big E retains the title or Apollo Crews wins it.

Does Crews make sense in Reigns’ stable? I think so – let us know what you think in the comments.

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