2021 Divisional Round

Let’s take a look at the upcoming Divisional matchups in the 2021 NFL playoffs.

(1) Green Bay Packers vs (6) Los Angeles Rams

This game you would think should be easy for these Packers…but let’s pump those brakes just a little bit. The Rams defense has been on a tear as of late people. Cornerback and All-Pro Jalen Ramsey has been unstoppable this season. That Devante Adams and Jalen Ramsey matchup is gonna be box office. Aaron Donald is also playing so that makes me pause.

At the end of the day this game will go down to the Green Bay defense. Can they stop the rookie sensation RB Cam Akers who ran for over 120 yards against the Seahawks last weekend? Can this Rams defense stop that baaaaad maaan Aaron Rodgers?

Prediction: Packers 24, Rams 10

X-Factor: Packers RB Aaron Jones

(2) Buffalo Bills vs (5) Baltimore Ravens

Can these Buffalo Bills stop the momentum of the Baltimore Ravens? Arguably two of the hottest teams heading into the postseason. Ravens QB Lamar Jackson has to play better and I mean a lot better than what we witnessed last week against a weaker defense in the Tennessee Titans.

Buffalo went against a top 10 defense last week in the Colts, but I believe tho Raven’s defense is far better. QB Josh Allen needs to remain hot and focus on his intermediate passing accuracy. The running game for Buffalo is out the window so this offense is gonna have to rely on Josh Allen’s legs and right shoulder. This game is gonna come down on who’s defense will step up.

Prediction: Bills 24, Ravens 21

X-Factor: Bills Defense

(1) Kansas City Chiefs Vs (6) Cleveland Browns

This game could have all the makings of a huge upset but then I am reminded of who the QB is for the Chiefs. The Browns’ defense isn’t that good. The Browns would need everything to line up and more for them to even have a chance of winning. A strong rushing attack, winning at the trenches, and Baker not turning the ball over and making plays happen. Time of possession would be the best defense for the Browns.

The Chiefs have so much firepower on offense. They do lack in the running game, but Mahomes makes up for that loss. HC Andy Reid is a magician when being teamed up with Mahomes. The Chiefs defense needs to step it up in order to solidify their chances on Sunday.

Prediction: Chiefs 33, Browns 20

X-factor: Chiefs Defense

(2) New Orleans Saints Vs (5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is the game of the week baby. The Saints have owned the Buccs all season (2-0), and now we get a third matchup when it matters most. The Saints defense is better, their coaching is better, their special teams is better and their rushing game is better but the Buccs’ offense is marginally better, their passing game is better, and yes, their QB is better.

Saints CB Marcus Lattimore is gonna be lining up with Bucc’s WR Mike Evans all game. This is a game where Antonio Browns, Chris Godwin, and TE Rob Gronkowski all need to step up. The Buccs defense isn’t that good but can they withstand this Saints offense?

Prediction: Buccaneers 27, Saints 24

X-Factor: WR Antonio Brown

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