The Challenge: Skyfall Recap

We open this week’s episode back at the Challenge house and the cast is still reeling from Fessy’s disloyalty. Fessy approaches Corey to defend his deplorable decision to put himself in the elimination against unsuspecting alliance member Nelson but Corey is NOT having it. Nelson and Corey are tight outside of the show and if you recall, Nelson actually sacrificed himself for Corey on the last Challenge season. Cory’s loyalty to Nelson knows no bounds and there is nothing Fessy can say that will make blindsiding Nelson ok. Fessy soon finds himself playing a solo game as Josh also has to jump in to yell at Fessy, stating he felt that was his elimination and we watch as the Big Brother alliance collapses.

The rookie girls decide to make an alliance and work together and may I say, respect.  The rookies this season really seem to have together, more so than any other group of rookies on any  other season. As they are plotting together, rookies Gabby, Big T, Amber M and Amber B decide to go after Tori and Aneesa to get out some of the veteran blood so they can have a shot at the final. Cut to Aneesa and Tori chatting in another area of the house about Tori really stirring the pot with these rookies but yet they seem to be certain it is the Big Brother people on the chopping block. Big T approaches CT to discuss putting Tori and Aneesa in an elimination against each other and he could not be prouder of his partner right now. It looks like he agrees out of pure respect for her authoritative game play. Somehow Big T and co seem to have CT, Kyle, and Devin all willing to vote that way as well!

We find ourselves on the Icelandic tundra overlooking a magnificent waterfall, and we forget for a moment we are here for an athletic competition.  I have said it before and I will say it again, how MTV did not choose Iceland before as a Challenge setting is beyond me. TJ unfortunately announces that Survivor champ Natalie has to leave the game for personal reasons which we later discover was due to pregnancy. We also found out just yesterday that Theresa announced her pregnancy so perhaps there was something in the water, or perhaps these women found a way to pass the time during their respective stay at home orders. Regardless, I know I wasn’t the only one disappointed to see Natalie go and TJ even made a point to say that this was it for only THIS challenge, and really emphasized that he expected to see her back on future challenges. Natalie is a great competitor and I do look forward to seeing what she can do in the future as well.

 TJ announces that since 3 of the female agents have had to go home without actually getting eliminated, he has decided to bring back Millionaire Mitchell aka  Ashley since Natalie sent Ashley home. Ashley and Corey get teamed back up again and he does not seem thrilled. If you recall they have worked together before and as Corey states, he never knows which Ashley he will get when it comes to the competition. TJ starts to explain the mission, called Agent Down which is played in two heats. One player will be hanging off the edge of a platform, balancing on a footledge that TJ controls. The other player in each team will be responsible for pulling up 200 meters of rope onto that same platform. Once that has been accomplished, they race over to the hanging partner and hold them up by their hands for as long as possible. The agents who hold on the longest, will become the winners and this week’s Double Agents.

We open up on heat 1 which consists of teams Gabby & Lio, Amber & Darrell, LoLo & Nam (who probably can not be more excited to hold hands today), Jay & Theresa, Aneesa & Leroy, and Devin & Tori. TJ gives the signal and the fellas all start pulling up their ropes. The Icelandic scenery is absolutely insane as a backdrop and I was completely distracted by it when Jay finished with his rope first, out of all the guys! Granted Devin announced he wasn’t trying as he could care less if Tori wins or not, but still, it’s impressive. Leroy finishes next and Kam giggles like a school girl, proud of her man for being such a swift competitor. Nam who still seems to be generally confused by the game finishes next and Lolo shares her trust issues with us as Tori nearly falls off the edge because Devin appears to be taking a Sunday stroll.  Both Aneesa and Tori lose their grip and swing out into the great beyond in a move that seals their crater bound fate. Amber B is next, then Gabby, and Lolo follows suit leaving us with Jay and Theresa as the winners of this heat.

Heat 2 consists of CT & Big T, Ashley & Cory, Fessy & Kaycee, Kam & Kyle, Josh & Nany, and Amber M & Mechie. The heat begins and we realize Big T is actually too short to reach the platform so she has to hang on rather than brace herself with her feet. The fellas are running through their ropes, racing to see who will get to their partner first.  Kyle finishes first, then Fessy which is good since Kaycee is currently having an anxiety attack about being his partner. CT rushes over to Big T when he finishes his rope who seems to have held on this entire time, what upper body strength she must possess! Josh finally makes his way over to Nany and Mechie to Gabby. TJ hits the buzzer to release the footledge and Ashley swings into the great beyond, as Cory is the only competitor who has not run through his length of rope, which seems suspicious. Fessy drops Kaycee almost immediately and then Mechie drops Amber M. Kyle drops Kam, then Josh tries to cut a deal with CT, who refuses which is apparently shocking enough to Josh that he drops Nany. The rookies start to root for CT and Big T so they can carry out their plan to pitch Aneesa and Tori into elimination against each other. The cast gathers on the risers set in front of the signature CHALLENGE sign and TJ announces the winners, this week’s Double Agents are Big T and CT.

Back at the house CT and Big T shamelessly flirt as they decide to let Big T take the reins on their political game. With CT newly single I can’t help but wonder how this partnership will work out. CT is no stranger to a Challenge hook up and he looks very much interested in Miss Tula. The Challengers make their way to their nightclub igloo to celebrate the day and the vibes appear to be all positive. Big T sets up her own VIP section and invites any and all compliments from cast members looking to avoid elimination. Please do kiss the ring and tell Big T why she should not vote you in. CT on the other hand, is once again happy to sit back and let someone else politic while he just gets down with the get down.

Back at the house the veterans start politicking. Aneesa hears Tori is being suggested for elimination after rubbing several rookies the wrong way back at the igloo, so Tori starts talking to people to ensure she does not get voted into elimination. CT tries to get Lolo in his pocket by giving her game advice, promising her he will help her get a skull if that’s what she wants. We head into deliberation and Devin celebrates Tori, his current partner, possibly being put up on the chopping block. The females go back and forth about experience being the most important and respect needs to be earned not given. This all ends up being for naught as the challengers vote and we find out Aneesa and Leroy are voted into the crater almost unanimously by the entire house. Big T and CT celebrate their plan having worked but CT does cite some concern over Big T maybe getting too full of herself and tells her to rein it in a bit.

The Challengers walk into the crater amongst fire pits and wire cages getting excited for what is to come.  TJ tell us that with Natalie’s departure, her gold skull is now back up for grabs, so there are still 5 gold skulls available for the female players. TJ announces Aneesa and Leroy are up for elimination and welcomes them into the crater. TJ offers CT and Big T the opportunity to head down and earn their gold skulls but Big T declines and instead throws in Devin and Tori, as expected. Kam points out how messy this game has gotten as Tori and Aneesa are the third set of best friends who have been pitted against each other in an elimination. Although she does include Nelson and Fessy in that list, and let’s be real, Fessy wasn’t super invested in that friendship.

Tori and Aneesa line up to compete against each other in a little game called “Asset Destruction.” There are two wire crates, filled with heavy “bombs” and long ropes attached.  Each woman will have to pull their respective rope, bringing the wire crates close enough to their targets to then tip over.  Once the crates have been tipped, the bombs will spill out and the women can throw these bombs at their respective targets which is a large screen for each. There are 13 through holes in these targets which these women must find by simply throwing their bombs at the screen. The winner will be the first player to clear the 13 free spaces on the target. Once again another week where one of the competitors is absolutely sick to their stomach at the thought of going against a competitor. It’s a dirty game folks.

The women suit up, TJ blows the horn and the women start pulling on their ropes and their crates start to creep towards them. Aneesa’s crate spills and there are medicine balls of all different sizes that she needs to throw at her target. Tori appears to be struggling with her rope and Aneesa hits target after target. The house seems to be mostly cheering for Aneesa as we watch Tori struggle which frankly is quite unlike her. Tori tends to be very athletic and her failure to preform here is quite confusing. Finally Tori pulls her crate to her and gets it to topple over. She starts hitting the targets like she is in a speed round but Aneesa manages to hit her final target, sending her best friend home but winning her gold skull qualifying her to run the final.

Tori gets sent home and Amber M continues to come in hot against Tori, celebrating her departure. The rookies reign this season and it is quite the switch from past seasons.  I will say it can be boring to watch the same players win season after season so I am not super mad about this. Tori takes her loss like a champ, showing much respect to her victor and her friend. Tori states that she is proud to lost to Aneesa and that she feels Aneesa is greatly underestimated in this game.  I have to say I agree.  I have always been an Aneesa fan and I would love to see her take home a win. TJ tells us this is Aneesa’s 10th elimination win and awards her the much desired gold skull while complimenting her game play and sending hopes that she will now get the respect in this game that she not only deserves but has earned. In a confusing game move Aneesa decides to trade in Leroy for Fessy when given her opportunity to switch partners. Leroy seems not at all upset, in fact, says its payback for what Fessy did to Nelson, and that he celebrates Aneesa’s decision. Kaycee now has the opportunity to choose if she wants to be paired with Leroy again or give Devin a try. Kaycee happily chooses to take back Leroy, stating in an interview that Fessy is a terrible player and she is glad to be rid of him! Oh delicious karma. Devin is now a rouge agent so he will not have a partner until after the next elimination and he could not be more thrilled. Tune in next week when the challengers run a 5 mile race shelping a giant cylinder and Theresa is exposed for playing the fence between rookies and vets.

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