WWE Changing NXT’s Virtual Audience

Many fans that have been watching the WWE NXT brand lately might have noticed they have been using virtual fans similar to how WWE uses their presentation for Raw and Smackdown with the company’s ThunderDome experience. NXT moved back to producing weekly television at the Performance Center for a while and now it’s called the venue “The Capitol Wrestling Center” to pay homage to Vince McMahon’s father Vincent J. McMahon and the WWE’s predecessor The Capitol Wrestling Corporation.

This concept was to allow fans to enjoy watching wrestling knowing they could not literally be there in person, but were there virtually on screens that had been set up in the arenas. It should be noted fans who were used for NXT’s Wednesday night program were pre-recorded from Raw, Smackdown, and Pay-Per-View events so basically they didn’t have an actual live virtual audience.

Only a limited amount of people are allowed to attend the shows from what we understand. Here’s something interesting as of this very writing it appears WWE based on all the speculation will be using a live virtual audience beginning this week. Twitter has been buzzing with people signing up for an opportunity to be a part of the event and they might even be seen on TV, who knows?

Also tonight’s episode of NXT features two matches that are the opening rounds of the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic with Undisputed Era facing Breezango and also Ever Rise will take on the Grizzled Young Veterans.

So what does everybody think of the whole WWE ThunderDome experiment or The Capitol Wrestling Center with NXT? Leave us a comment down below.

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