Stone Cold Talks “Straight Up Steve Austin” Season 2

The Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman alliance that fans have been witnessing on WWE’s prime time show, Friday Night Smackdown is one of professional wrestling’s best storylines. We’ve even seen their story playing out on WWE pay-per-views. Reigns is currently the Universal Champion for WWE. His segments and matches have been must-see TV for viewers watching at home. A heel, villain Roman Reigns is what we needed all along, and adding Paul Heyman makes everything even better.

Many Hall of Fame wrestlers share this opinion and one of them is WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. He recently spoke to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated in an interview to promote his popular reality TV series “Straight Up Steve Austin” which premiered its second season on USA Network Monday night January 11th, following WWE Raw. Country music superstar Luke Combs joined Austin on the premiere episode to start season two. This upcoming season will feature WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champion Charlotte Flair, Rapper Ice T, NFL Legendary Quarterback Bret Farve, and also the show will include many other great guests as well. 

Austin went on to compliment Charlotte Flair and said the episode with her will really give viewers a good perspective of how deep a person she truly is. “Anybody that knows anything about the wrestling business will know that my favorite wrestler of all-time is “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair,” Austin said. “And even though I’ve known Charlotte for many years, this is the longest that I have ever spent with her. We had so much fun during that particular episode.” Also Austin went on to explain how much it captured the depth of Charlotte Flair as a person outside of the ring. Austin also talked about how the episode with Brett Favre was also one that stood out to him. Austin admired Favre for extending his NFL playing career as long as possible after he played an incredible 20 seasons in the league. If Austin’s career in pro-wrestling had not ended in 2003 due to neck issues, Austin said he would have done the same thing Favre did and kept going, wrestling in the ring. Austin made a point of how hard it was for him to have to walk away from the ring.

“If my issue wasn’t neck and neurological issues, I would have done the same as Brett and kept going,” Austin said. “When I walked away from the business of professional wrestling, I had to make a call. The doctor didn’t make the call. Vince McMahon didn’t make the call.” It was according to Austin the hardest decision that he had to make, one which took him a long time to come to grips with. “It was so hard for me to leave the business, so I can understand why Brett chose to hang on as long as he could. He’s one of the top quarterbacks to ever play the game.”

Austin is also a big fan of what Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman are currently doing in WWE. Austin has had a long storied relationship with Paul Heyman after many years of working for him. Stone Cold still remains in awe of Heyman, and he spoke to the fact that Heyman still creates magic when he watches him with Reigns on Friday Nights. Austin called the pair a great package by having Roman aligning with Paul. “That’s such a great package. They complimented each other so well,” said Austin. ”Roman can work his ass off. He’s always been very solid in the ring, but now there’s a bond and this chemistry between Roman and Paul. That’s what Paul Heyman does. He makes anybody he’s with that much better. It happened for me, too. If you want to suspend your disbelief, you can’t but help believe he’s Roman’s rock of knowledge. The presentation, the package, and the chemistry between these two looks and sounds like money.”

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