The Seattle Seahawks and 6 Stages of Grief

The Seahawks 30-20 lost to the Los Angeles Rams in the wild-card round. Once again the Seattle Seahawks have left fans with the process of loss and grief. Not to mention disappointment and frustration.

The 12th man Stages of Grief

Shock and Denial

“After all the years since we lost to New England, I thought this year was our best chance of going,” said KJ Wright. post-game. Seahawks fans felt the same way. How many times did you hear at the start of the season, “Seahawks are going 16-0. They have every weapon they need.” Yet we are all left questioning what team showed up on Saturday because that was not the Seahawks.

Pain and Guilt

  • It’s all COVID-19 fault! The team had to be hyped up set the tone from the start of the game. If the 12th man would have been able to attend the game it would have been the difference.
  • It’s Russel Wilson’s fault his head is not in the game. Between the clothing line, perfume, kids, and charity work he is too distracted.
  • It’s my fault. I wore a sweatshirt that I had never worn on game day. I was home and not with a group of 12’s.

Anger and Bargaining

  • First, there was the hat thrown, then the sweatshirt, then the socks, then the empty beer can – right at the TV. There was a lot of yelling and cursing that only got louder.


  • There was a lot of Tequila and a few tears Saturday Night.
  • The moment we all work up on Sunday morning and screamed, “I’m just pissed”.


Nope, Nope, and Nope, not talking about it

Acceptance and hope:

Ohhh, Hell No!

While the Seahawks looked like Super Bowl contenders in all phases at different parts of the season. They could not put the puzzle together when it counted the most. They had the highest-scoring offense in the NFL at the start of the season, but a defense that was giving up more points than ever before. During the second half of the season, the Defense finally got deadly. They managed to turn things around, but that happened as the offense cooled off and Wilson lost his confidence.

“We know it’d be a challenge, but I thought we would come and do what it took. We did not deliver,” Dunlap said Sunday. Dunlap is not alone in the feeling.

In spite of any struggles, Wilson and his offense are supposed to finish games. It didn’t happen Saturday. There were clock management issues, Willson still left unprotected, and third-down conversions were non existent. The Seahawks showed up Saturday in the ugliest fashion and it showed.

Who was this team and what did they do with the Seattle Seahawks? Whoever this team was, they had no hype, no drive, not determination, no confidence, no passion, or anger.

Even Pete Carroll is dealing with the first stage of grief. During the postgame conference he said “I told these guys I have no place in my brain for this outcome. This football season, it was supposed to just keep going for us.”

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