The Von Erichs Finishing Move Inspired by Will Ferrell Movie

MLW Tag-Team Champions The Von Erichs recently were a part of an interview with Nick Hausman who is the managing editor for Wrestling Inc. Marshall and Ross Von Erich are 3-generation professional wrestlers and are sons of the legendary Kevin Von Erich and grandson of Fritz Von Erich. They were guests on Hausman’s Wrestling Inc. podcast and both brothers discussed their father Kevin providing them with such valuable advice when going through such a terrible pandemic. They talked about how much they’ve learned and having a greater appreciation for their family even more than before.

Marshall said this about his father “My dad, he’s a man that’s endured a lot, so the kind of positive perspective he brings is just unbelievable.” As wrestling fans we’ve all heard of the tragedy that affected the entire Von Erich family. From a fan’s point of view makes me happy to hear of Marshall and Ross learning from their father.

“For him, he always says, ‘It could be way worse.’ It put it in perspective for us. We’re here. We’re all together on the same property, and so we really took this time to really enjoy our family and each other.” Marshall continued, “We got a lot of farm work done. So he was happy about that, but it definitely brought us closer as a family. And then getting to go to Florida, we’re representing the family. It’s such an honor. I still feel like a 12-year-old kid trapped in his body. I get to do what I’ve dreamed to do since I was a kid. This is something we’ve always wanted to do.”

We’ve done it our whole life,” Ross added. “It’s been make-believe for the first part on the trampoline wrestling each other. We’ve always pretended to be tag team champions of the world.” Marshall said, “Being raised in locker rooms this is really all we know. As a kid, I knew I was going to be a wrestler, and then as you get older, life happens and you start thinking, ‘Na, maybe that’s just a dream. That won’t happen,’ and when that stuff starts falling into place, it really is unbelievable.” Marshall and Ross opened up about how travel has been for them going back and forth to Hawaii. Marshall had nothing but praise for Court Bauer who is the owner of MLW for what they described during this interview as believing in them. The Von Erichs feel they have to do what they can to prove him right.

Marshall spoke to Hausman on how he and Ross have just been popping back and forth. To them that was the one big reason why The Von Erichs signed a deal with MLW, and also their family oriented approach. For these two great wrestlers that’s one thing that’s important to them. “We had opportunities to go to bigger corporations, but we saw MLW is just on a fast-track. They’re growing so much. As far roster wise, they had more guts that we felt we wanted to mix it up with, and Court, he’s just an awesome general to have. He believes in us. It’s an awesome pressure to have, we want to make him proud and prove him right for believing in us. He brings us over every taping, and so it’s kind of perfect. We don’t mind traveling. It used to be hard to go from Hawaii back to the United States.”

“I think we’re in the perfect scenario,” said Ross. “We can live here and then do our business on the mainland or internationally, wherever it may be. That’s one of the reasons we knew MLW was just the place for us,” explained Marshall. Hausman asked about if the brothers had to undergo a two-week quarantine after they traveled for tapings with MLW. Marshall had to admit that part of it was not fun, but he did say they’re mostly on a farm, and he joked that it’ll only be a problem if sheep can transmit Coronavirus to humans. “That part is not that great, but we’re on a huge farm and we do farm work. We’re not even around people,” Marshall added. “We’re only around each other, and so unless sheep can get COVID, then we have a problem because I’m hanging out with sheep all day.”

The Von Erichs also talked about action figures on the podcast with Hausman. Marshall made a revelation that he even uses action figures to practice wrestling moves. “As crazy as it sounds, I promise I practice my moves with action figures first,” Marshall said. “If I’m trying to explain to move to him, that’s what I’ll use.” “That’s the truth,” Ross confirmed. Marshall kept revealing that he uses whatever he can to help visualize to himself and Ross about a tag-team move they want to try out. He says he either uses his own action figures, some Von Erich action figures, or even Barbies from his niece.

“It makes it a little more fun, and there’s less imagination when you can show them,” Marshall said on the matter. “It’s time people know where we get creative and that’s it. If I have an exciting double team or something I want to show him. It’s way easier to use action figures and show him, and depending on where I’m at, if I’m at my house, I’ll use the action figures that I have or a lot of The Von Erich ones. I could be at my sister’s house, and I’ll use my niece’s Barbies to show him if we’re in that situation. You gotta do what you gotta do.” Hausman told of his love for The Von Erich’s side suplex/claw finisher, and The Von Erichs teased a new tag-team move called “The Iron Lotus” and it all was inspired by a Will Ferrell film Blades of Glory. They said they are still working on the move that requires one person to throw the other person and that person then does a backflip in mid-air while the other performs a spinning wheel heel kick while making sure they do not decapitate their partner as they are falling.

“You’re gonna like the next one. We’ve been working on something,” Marshall teased. “We’re excited to debut. We’re still trying to think of a name. There’s a name we’ve always wanted to use for a move from the movie Blades of Glory, The Iron Lotus. We haven’t perfected it yet, but a lot of toys have gotten dismembered trying to crack the thing,” Ross revealed. “I hope it works, We’ll see. Marshall expressed that he still has to talk with Court Bauer about cutting up the canvas and stuff, but we want it to work.” The Von Erichs are currently the MLW Tag-Team Champions they can be seen each week wrestling as part of MLW Fusion on BeIn Sports, DAZN, and YouTube! You can find the full interview with Marshall and Ross with Nick Hausman on a recent episode of the podcast titled, The Wrestling Inc. Daily on their website wrestlinginc.com.

I’m a big fan as so many fans of wrestling are of The Von Erichs, Marshall and Ross and their entire family. I have a DVD of World Class Championship Wrestling that features the many classic matches that were true wrestling battles between The Von Erichs David, Kevin, and Kerry going up against The Fabulous Freebirds who consisted of Michael P.S. Hayes, Bam Bam Terry Gordy, and Buddy Roberts in the famous Sportatorium in Dallas, Texas. Whether it was 6-man, Tag-Team, or singles type contests it was an electric atmosphere to be a wrestling fan and especially in that local Dallas – Fort Worth area of Texas.

We want to credit Nick Hausman’s podcast and WrestlingInc.com for the quotes that were used in this article. 

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