Taylor Swift’s Top 10 Songs

Hey it’s Josh again, here this time to tell you the top 10 songs of the greatest singer in the history of music Taylor Swift! I call her Tay Sway, T Swizzle or T Swiz. Putting this list together was probably the toughest thing I’ve had to do for an article this far in my short writing career. This is my top 10 feel free to comment, tell me I’m wrong, and tell me what your top 10 would be! SPOILER ALERT! LOVE STORY DID NOT MAKE MY LIST! You need to calm down (see what I did there). Well, here’s my list! Your welcome.

10.) Exile

Newest song on the list it’s off her latest album Folklore and it’s quickly became one of my favorites! This song features Bon Iver who is a perfect compliment to Taylor in this song. If you haven’t heard this yet make sure to check it out! This is a different sound from Taylor and I enjoy it! Folklore wasn’t her best album for sure but I am glad this song at least came from it. 

9.) I Knew You Were Trouble

I always felt like she wrote this song about me cause everyone knows I’m trouble when I walk in. One of her more upbeat songs even though it’s aimed at another one of her ex’s. Catchy beat and an easy to sing along chorus is always something that gets my attention and this song fills both those needs easily. Whenever your in a funk throw this song on and it helps! 

8.) Look What You Made Me Do

Taylor’s heel turn (so to speak). From the shots at Kim and Kanye to the crazy outfits and shots she takes at herself this song is a great example of Taylor adjusting her music to fit today’s style. The catchy beat and hard hitting lyrics mixed with the new found swag she has makes this song easy to have on this list. 

7.) Back to December

This easy going song directed at her ex Twilight star Taylor Lautner I feel is one of her more underrated songs. I never was a big fan of the month of December but when I hear Tay Sway talk about going back to December I reconsider disliking it.

6.) Blank Space

This is a great song for many reasons. This song is Taylor poking fun at the medias speculation about her dating life. As you see in the music video she’s ruthless, out of control, and acting borderline psychotic! This is a side or Taylor I love to see and the fans should as well. This song being at 6 shows you how many great songs she really has. This is a banger!

5.) Delicate

This is a song I didn’t expect to like so much. This song is her expressing what happens when you meet somebody that you really want in your life and then you start to worry about what they’ve heard about you. This song feels like her trying to turn the page on all the negativity she’s been throught and moving on to better things. A great song and IMO a great way to do so!

4.) You Belong With Me

This song has been certified SIX times platinum! WTF! Written after experiencing a friend getting chewed out on the phone and thinking “ Why does he let her treat him this way?” Taylor instead of discussing it with her friend she puts it into a song and boy arent we glad she did? This is her biggest mainstream hit and most recognizable song by the casual music fan. I’ve told Taylor for years she belongs with me but she never answers! A guy can dream. Now to the number 3 song……

3.) Dress

Vocally this is arguably Taylors best song to date. This is the kind of song that gives you chills. The beat, rhythm, and lyrically brilliance makes this song stand out big time. Go on Youtube and watch her perform this live and tell me it’s not fantastic. This song wasn’t mainstream and all over the radio so it gets overlooked but if you have not heard it it’s time for you to listen to it. Your welcome in advance.

2.) Teardrops On My Guitar

So this Drew guy! I never did like guys named Drew.  This damn guy is the one that broke Taylor’s heart and started this long line of bad luck with her dating. I will always be here for Taylor to clean the teardrops on her guitar but I can say I’m glad we got this song regardless of what it took. Everything is going to be ok Taylor I promise. I can listen to this song on repeat for hours and hours and it never gets old. Well, are you ready for the number one song? Well, here you go!

1.) Red

So difficult to pick a number 1 song but this is it! A classic that me and my RSH co host Chuck Winchester can not help but to sing out loud everytime we hear it! When I became a Tay Sway fan this was the first song of hers I really liked so It kinda has sentimental value to me. No matter when or where you hear this song you can’t help but to sing along which is one of the many reasons why it lands at my list at song number one!

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