2021 NFL Wild Card Day 1 Review

Hey Buzz world, check out the results and highlights of the 1st Day of NFL Playoff action!

(2) Buffalo Bills Vs (7) Indianapolis Colts:

We witnessed one of the best games Wild Card games of all time. I may be living in the moment but I don’t care because this game was that damn good. The game went exactly as how I figured it would . The Bills brought it offensively as third-year QB Josh Allen lived up to the hype. Allen accounted for 378 total yards of offense for this team. Bills finished with 397 total yards offensively. Allen’s stat line finished with 324 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, 85.0 QBR, 121.6 Passer Rating. Allen also added to the rushing game as he was the leading rusher for the Bills squad as he finished with 54 rushing yards, and 1 rushing touchdown. I would be misguided if I didn’t mention how important WR Stefon Diggs is to Josh Allen’s maturity as a passer as he finished with 6 catches, 128 receiving yards, and 1 TD catch. Bills look dangerous. 

The Colts brought it today in Buffalo and they should keep their heads up high. The future of this franchise looks amazing and Colts owner Jim Irsay and GM Chris Ballard should be smiling as big as the Grinch who stole Christmas. Rookie phenom RB Jonathan Taylor looks like the next best thing as he finished his first playoff game with 78 rushing yards, 1 TD, and accounted for 84 total yards. Rookie WR Michael Pittman Jr had an excellent game as the chemistry was building between him and Rivers down the stretch of the season. Pittman finished with 5 receptions, 90 receiving yards, and 101 yards of total offense. Colts know what they are lacking and they will address it. Old Man Philip Rivers shut up those critics today with his play though as he finished with 309 passing yards, 2 TD, 91.9 QBR, and a 93.5 Passer Rating. Colts need to bring back Rivers for one more year and let him get a full offseason with this offense. The Colts skill players also dropped a season high 9 passes. 

Final Score: Bills 27 – Colts 24

(3) Seattle Seahawks Vs (6) Los Angeles Rams:

Rams were coming into this game with former CFL and insurance agent QB John Wolford as the team starter against these Seahawks. Thanks to Jamal Adams we saw the last of Wolford and here came Jared Goff who was only a week and a half from getting thumb surgery. It ended up being a blessing in disguise as the Rams shocked the world by beating the Seahawks. Sean McVay is coaching his ass of this year and is laughing at each and every one of us that were questioning him. The Rams played solid football in every phase of this game. Knowing that Goff was rusty, rookie RB Cam Akers was the leader as he finished the day with 131 rushing yards and 1 TD. Jalen Ramsey is the best corner in the game today if you have forgotten by the way as he locked up DK Metcalf for the majority of the game. Aaron Donald also finished the day with 2 out of the 5 sacks this defense collected against this weak Seahawks O-line. 

Seattle’s offense has looked like dog crap for many weeks and people can’t seem to figure it out. I can…QB Russell Wilson regressed before our eyes and this horrific O-Line can’t be disguised at all. Ramsey was in man coverage against DK (5 catches, 96 receiving yards, 1 TD), Tyler Lockett (2 catches, 43 receiving yards) was being double bracketed for the majority of the game so what do you do Seattle? Seahawks need to find a solid TE, or another WR to help disguise this horrid offensive line and HELP Russell. Chris Carson should’ve eaten today and he didn’t (16 carries, 77 rushing yards). The most alarming stat line of the day was QB Russell Wilson as he finished the day with 174 passing yards, 2 TD, 1 INT, (career low) 17.7 QBR, and a 72.2 Passer Rating. Wilson’s worst outing in his postseason career. You wanna get paid the big bucks Wilson you need to show up when it matters most. Is the Seattle window closing again?

Final Score: Rams 30 – Seahawks 20

(4) Washington Football Team Vs (5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

WFT was praying that QB Alex Smith’s terribly injured calf would heal before the game. Unfortunately early Saturday those prayers were not answered as Smith was listed inactive. This may be the last time we will ever see Alex Smith play QB. Instead enter backup QB Taylor Heinicke who showed up like no other for this team. Taylor finished with 306 passing yards, 1 passing TD, 63.2 QBR, 78.4 passer rating. He played really well and like I said he showed up and gave this underdog of a team a chance to tie this game at the end. Heinicke also added a rushing TD as well. The defense got scorched as most expected but it was a valiant effort from this young defense. Rookie DE Chase Young, don’t ask what you want again, lol. 

43 year old QB Tom Brady answered the call of Chase Young and showed him what he’s capable of as he finished with 381 passing yards, 2 TD, 84.4 QBR, and a 104.3 passer rating. The GOAT was on fire from start to end as he is gearing up for another deep postseason run to add to his lengthy resume. That sour taste is in Brady’s mouth after last year’s Wild Card debacle against the Titans and you knew he was gonna bring it today. The Bucc’s defense is not looking great though and could be this team’s Achilles heel as they head into next week’s Divisional round where they may play the Saints or Rams. WR Mike Evans absolutely shredded this WFT defense as he finished with 6 receptions and 119 receiving yards. Brady now is 31-11,with 75 TD, and 11,769 passing yards in the postseason. Like I said, the GOAT!!!

Final Score: WFT 23 – Buccaneers 31

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