NXT Champion talks Legends Night

Wrestling fans witnessed legends such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Ron Simmons, Mark Henry, Big Show, Booker T. and others make special appearances for a special episode of WWE Monday Night Raw titled “Raw Legends Night.” It all occurred this past Monday night where we saw these legends interact with some of WWE’s big stars of today in various segments during the show. One Legendary superstar who some may have seen coming, was none other than Goldberg. After Drew McIntyre successfully defended his WWE Championship on Raw against Keith Lee last Monday, all of sudden a familiar sound filled WWE ThunderDome and it was none other than the theme music for Goldberg. He came out to challenge McIntyre to a match for Drew’s WWE Championship at this year’s WWE Royal Rumble. So, it appears Goldberg has definitely returned, though many fans are critical of the company taking such a direction. Regardless it’s happening.

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor had recently spoken with Metro’s Alistair George on what he thinks of legends making a return for those big paydays. According to him, “Doesn’t bother me at all. I believe that everyone has a place in this business, and if you’re on the show, you’re on the show for a reason.”  Balor continued with saying in regards to all of the legends, “If you’re on the show once a year, if you’re on the show once a year, if you’re on the show every night, that’s down to everybody’s individual circumstance. Those guys have carved out their legacy and have proven over the years that they belong on the show.” 

For Balor wrestlers from our past showing up every once in a while does not affect him. Finn says, “Whether it’s for one night or it’s every night, it also should not affect anyone else either. “ The Prince” respects those who wrestled before him. A question came up about how WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan commented about the younger talent giving him the cold shoulder. Balor added by saying, he welcomes the legends with open arms. 

Balor spoke about Goldberg showing up on Raw he said, “For me, when the tide comes in, all ships rise. If we can have Goldberg on the show, if we can have anyone on that show for one night, I feel it’s better one night than never. I welcome the legends to be a part of WWE’s programming.”

What do you think? Is Balor right?

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