AEW Dynamite New Year’s Smash Review

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Inner Circle’s Hager and Wardlow Battle

Wardlow was in control, Hager countered with a back elbow and clotheslined Wardlow in the corner followed by another clothesline in the corner and apparently another clothesline just not in the corner all by Hager. A big body throw by Hager to be able to lift Wardlow takes some real strength. Wardlow got a shoulder up from a pin. Hager bomb that Wardlow tried to counter by getting his knees or entire legs but then an angle lock by Hager but Wardlow up kicked to get out of it. 

A shoulder tackle by Wardlow on the apron sent Hager to the railing. He’s a powerhouse no doubt. A nice suplex by Wardlow and a German suplex. A Wardlow siton off the top showed great agility for a bigger man. Hager had his submission locked in but Wardlow escaped. Wardlow countered that triangle submission hold by Hager on top rope by dropping down causing Hager to hit the turnbuckle, Wardlow def. Hager.

Jericho entertained with on commentary, while inner-circle were in the ring. Wardlow and Hager fist pumped.

Cody’s entered with Snoop Dogg who did a cool version of Cody’s theme music. 

Cody vs. Matt Sydal

Cody reversed DDT on Sydal with Snoop Dogg nearby. An arm bar submission cross face maneuver by Sydal. Matt Sydal was fun to watch because he’s so elusive and fast bouncing around with nice kicks and punching combinations. A nice clothesline spot where Cody took Sydal over thr top rope. Cody had Sydal scouted and had a kick spring-boarding the ropes on Sydal. After a near-fall Sydal survived, Sydal rolled up Cody with a roundhouse kick lightning spiral and nearly upset him.

A jumping knee blocked crossroads by Cody. Crossroads Cody def. Sydal. Serpentico rushed the ring to attack Cody.

Luther joined in the fight, they attacked Sydal while Snoop Dogg wandered where all the help was at. Sydal delivered a nice kick to send Luther outside of the ring. A kick to Serpentico by Sydal and Cody slammed Serpentico on the mat. Sydal was going up top but Snoop Dogg stopped him.

He splashed Serpentico and pinned him and Cody counts the pinfall.

Marko Stunt has a New Rival

In footage of AEW Dark the night before, Brodie Lee Jr. always wins because Stunt has bigger people than him. Jurassic Express with Marko Stunt was interviewed by Alex Marvez. 

What’s next for them? Their own a quest. FTR says Stunt is a glorified mascot, “you let Luchasaurus and JungleBoy do your dirty work.” He’s useless negative-one was right he’s a loser. Stunt got all riled up about it. Marko Stunt will beat up FTR this is where I draw the line on reality, please God, no! AEW let’s salvage this disaster before it begins. 

Stunt in matches is not a good thing. especially when we’re talking FTR with Tully Blanchard and it will hurt JungleBoy and Luchasaurus’s credibility for an actual tag-team match. Fiat vs a Ferrari is a great line by Dax.

AEW Women’s Championship Match Abadon vs. Hikaru Shida

Shida outsmarts Abadon with a middle rope frog splash banging her head against the railing. A superplex by Shida on Abadon. Abadon bridged up like it’s a horror flick. A clothesline to a near fall by Abadon, but Shida rollsed through Abadon for another near fall. A running knee and Shida def. Abadon.

This was not a very good match, from what little I saw. Abadon does nothing to help Shida. There are certain matches of Shida to me that are good largely due to her opponents who are the right ones to help get her through a match and then some are just bad; prime example with this one. I think Shida is talented and they’re pushing her and she’s they’re women’s champion. Nothing but respect let’s be fair, she carried Abadon in this match. 

 SCU & AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks vs. The Acclaim and Hybrid 2

Good teamwork by SCU and The Bucks to start on the younger Acclaim team. Frankie Kazarian and Nick Jackson double V-Trigger’d on Bowens who represented The Acclaim, but Bowens kicked out of the pin.

Hybrid 2 worked well with some unique offense on Nick Jackson. Senton was countered by Nick who got the knee up tag to Matt Jackson. 

A superkick party by The Bucks on Hybrid 2. Then a nice DDT by Matt and a superkick on their opponent Jack Evans. Evans nearly upset Matt Jackson but Christopher Daniels tagged in and he lifted Evans into a tombstone piledriver position with Matt holding him up. Nick was going to springboard in the ring but he stopped before he could hit the move and then changed course and dived on the Acclaim. Daniels came off the top rope with a springboard flip into a cutter while Matt Jackson held Jack Evans. Daniels pinned Evans, SCU and The Young Bucks defeated Hybrid 2 and The Acclaim. Kazarian, that’s how you start off a year with a win. Afterwards Kazarian got a microphone and cut a promo where he said, here’s their deal and laid down the challenge that the next time they lose as a tag-team they are done. “However that’s not happening on my watch.” Daniels addressed The Young Bucks, “this is our last hurrah.” He says have their back except when they face them and those belts are on the line. They just don’t want those tag-team championships they want to beat the best on the planet and win them. 

A good match, a way to help the other teams get experience with these veteran tag-teams of SCU and the Bucks.

TNT Championship weigh-in segment that featured Darby Allin and Brian Cage of Team Taz and Sting

Tony Schiavone got in the ring with Darby and Cage with Team Taz and there’s a weigh-in scale in between them. The belt was given to Brodie Lee’s son. So Darby will be given a new TNT Champion of course. Cage is the FTW Champion and Taz interrupted Schiavone asking why does Cage have to be the first to weigh. Because he’s the challenger and he’s bigger. Schiavone is making the rules now Taz claimed. 270 lbs. for Cage solid muscle. Allin weighs in at 170 lbs. Taz over 100 pound advantage due to all of what Darby is wearing. 

Darby had the mic and a skateboard ready to fight. Taz warned Darby to get out of the ring. Lights went out and Sting’s music hit. Sting came out of the tunnel and made his way to the ring. Team Taz ran away. Next week we’ll see crowned a new TNT champion Brian Cage. Sting and Darby stared at each other seem to be working together.

I’m a big Sting fan and Darby Allin fan so this makes sense to pair the legend with your new star to combat Team Taz. Now many have been critical of how AEW is handling Sting with not getting physical. If you know he’s probably limited in what he can do in the ring due to an injury that ended his WWE run, so what AEW is doing with their creative is having Sting either be a partner or mentor possibly of some kind to Allin. They are trying to keep us guessing what is Sting’s next move and also Darby Allin concerning the relationship with the Icon. 

Jon Moxley got back in the ring for a promo. We might have expected him to cuss get mad. He asks what to do with Omega and Callis. Mox wanted to beat them with a bloody crowbar, but tonight the AEW Championship is on the line. He wanted to protect it’s integrity, Rey Fenix has an opportunity blood, guts, and heart. Kenny will never be same, he will get even and then some. He’s the boogeyman, Omega crossed the wrong guy.

Moxley always gives good solid promos. Great to see him return to AEW on Dynamite. 

AEW World Championship Match Rey Fenix vs. Kenny Omega with Don Callis

Fenix and Omega then battled, a thrust kick by Fenix stunned Omega and he used the ropes. Fenix tried for a 916 only for Omega to duck and hit the V-Trigger Knee which reeled Fenix then Rey executed another thrust kick on Kenny. Fenix came off the rope with a rising knee counter by Omega followed up by a power bomb to Fenix. A high stack pin but Fenix kicked out and then another V-Trigger by Kenny. Another pin was attempted but no Rey Fenix shouldered up. A V-Trigger by Omega again, and a One-Winged Angel is countered with a an inverted Frankensteiner on Omega. Callis was concerned trying to distract Fenix which caused Omega to strike with a knee to Fenix.

Fenix used a cutter of the top rope and started by running off the entrance way to the top rope leading to an incredible near fall but Omega kicked out. Fenix delivered a fire thunder driver but Kenny kicked out. Fenix climbed on the top and gave nice tribute to Eddie Guerrero by attempting the frog splash but Kenny had it scouted and got the knees up. They fought on the top rope and Omega caught Fenix and nailed him with the Tiger Driver. A V-trigger by Kenny Fenix with his shoulder up and another One-Winged Angel by Omega pinned Fenix to win the match. Omega is still AEW World Champion. A great matchup want to see more please.

Callis brought the belt inside the ring. Don checked on Kenny. Callis cut a promo, “you’ve witnessed history and The Invisible Hand Don Callis is going to give the fans what they did not pay for.”

He continued, “You witnessed him beat Rey Fenix. I’ve got word something has happened backstage, Eddie Kingston and The Butcher and Blade with Bunny are attacking Pénta El Zero M and Pac in the backstage area.” Callis to Kenny, “this is a very unsafe environment anything can happen. Fenix you remember Penta or Pac would not be coming for you, what’s coming for you is a One-Winged Angel heap of history.” Callis instructed Omega to finish Fenix off. Moxley came out carrying a wired baseball bat. Callis got out of the ring. Moxley hit Omega in the mid-section with the barbed-wire bat, while Callis plead for him to stop. 

Moxley pointed the Barbed-Wire Bat at Callis threatening him, and naturally he begged off as the good heel that he is. Moxley had Omega lying in the ring. The Good Brothers Gallows and Anderson attacked Moxley, they came out of nowhere. Impact Wrestling Tag-Team Champions beat down Moxley. The Good Brothers finished off Moxley with their finisher the Magic Killer. Omega and Anderson & Gallows triple-teamed Jon Moxley. Omega had the barbed-wire bat and hit Moxley with it repeatedly. Griff Garrison and Brian Pillman Jr. aka The Varsity Blondes tried to help but The Good Brothers are too much. Other AEW wrestlers tried to help and they paid for it. Omega was armed hitting home runs on wrestlers. Gallows power bombed a wrestler through a table on the outside. The Good Brothers held Moxley up for Omega to hit with that Barbed-Wire bat. They continued to beat Moxley up. 

The Young Bucks came out to the ring to make a save. They talked reason with the Gallows, Anderson, and Omega. Matt Jackson superkicked Garrison. A Bullet Club Reunion Bucks joined is just too sweet.

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