NXT Star was to Debut on Smackdown Last Week

Based on various reports going around we might have seen a big debut on WWE Friday Night Smackdown on Fox last Friday which happened to also fall on a holiday, New Years. Rumors seem to be going around the professional wrestling world that not just one but maybe two WWE NXT Superstars were supposed to be called up to Smackdowns roster last week, well it didn’t happen due to those plans being delayed. 

According to website Wrestlevotes social media, NXT talent were originally scheduled to be on this edition of Smackdown from last Friday night. It is also believed going by their report, that whoever was to show up had been written into the Jey Uso, Kevin Owens and WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns main-event segment.

As far as anyone knows there is no further information on who exactly the NXT star was that they wanted to be on WWE’s blue brand. Speculation is running rampant that they were on NXT’s New Year’s Evil card last night. What if the company wants to wait for the right time and storyline before they call up any talent from NXT? Or it’s possible they decided not to have anyone called up to the main roster for Smackdown.

A lot has led up to what is fueling such a rumor regarding which wrestler from NXT could it be. Well, a name mentioned was none other than Tommaso Ciampa as being the person to appear on the Smackdown from last Friday. Earlier, Wednesday January 6th, before New Year’s Evil the General Manager for the black and gold brand William Regal announced via a video on social media for WWE that the Fight Pit match between Tommaso Ciampa vs Timothy Thatcher had been pulled from tonight’s card because of Thatcher sustaining an injury. Why might reason Ciampa would be on Smackdown? He could be featured in a storyline to help Kevin Owens even the odds and score against Uso and Reigns. 

The WWE Universe saw Owens beat Uso in a one on one match. Owens proceeded to handcuff Uso only to dish out a massive beating to try and lure “The Tribal Chief” Reigns to come fight him in the ring. If fans remember Roman had Jey Uso handcuff Kevin Owens a few weeks ago on Friday Night Smackdown which fell on Christmas last year, helping his cousin earn the victory by walking out of his steel cage match with Kevin Owens. Reigns surprised Owens by attacking him coming out of nowhere when Owens wasn’t expecting it. Reigns and Uso both beat down Owens around WWE’s ThunderDome Virtual crowd. Reigns threw Owens from a platform in the crowd down below crashing through a table as Smackdown went off the air. 

Ciampa and Owens would make for some great, exciting television and I like the storyline dynamic against Reigns and Uso. If Tommaso Ciampa leaves NXT, a part of me will be sad, I’ll tell you why he’s been the gold standard of excellence for that brand. It sounds funny we are talking WWE NXT by the way still WWE the same company just different brands. If Ciampa does make the move and gets called up to the main roster on Smackdown, I’d be happy as a fan and for him. Think of the creative possibilities if they indeed pair him with Kevin Owens.

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