WWE Interested in Marty Scurll

WWE is looking into bringing in a former Ring of Honor star. Many are speculating that this in fact could be true. Marty Scurll’s name is being brought up as someone who’s possibly been on WWE’s radar lately when talking professional wrestling free-agents. Scurll and ROH mutually agreed to go their separate ways on Monday Jan. 4th. Scurll had been signed to a contract-extension with Ring of Honor a year ago.

We must remember Marty found himself in serious trouble when he was one of many pro-wrestlers that had been accused of sexual assault earlier in last year. When fans and the wrestling community were finding all this out, a movement to help those victims called the #SpeakingOut movement was established to help those who felt they could not speak up and have a voice on this matter. So, that’s a problem for Scurll I would imagine when other wrestling promotions are wanting to sign him to a deal. I should say, according to reports no criminal charges were filed against him.

Scurll could fit in with AEW or New Japan Pro-Wrestling maybe, but it appears both WWE and New Japan view the Scurll allegations differently on giving certain talent a second chance. Scurll was believed to be considering a jump to AEW earlier a few years ago, and Scurll was rumored to debut on AEW Dynamite on December 18th, 2019. Scurll told ROH management at the time that he would stay with ROH until that December because they had their Final Battle event before debuting in AEW. But, Scurll changed his mind and made the decision to sign what many viewed as the most lucrative contract in all of Ring of Honor history. He also became their head of creative, remember WWE had already tried to sign Scurll to a deal back then as well.

Here’s my take on the whole Marty Scurll thing. He obviously has some issues, he needs to work on as unfortunately we heard and read news about allegations of sexual assault against him. I was very disappointed in all those wrestlers from a fan’s perspective. I tell you why because we look up and build our hopes in these larger-than-life personalities in pro-wrestling no different than with MLB, NFL, or NBA whoever it is there’s always someone who lets us down. But if no charges are filed and if Marty Scurll is truly sorry for what he did and as long as Scurll does not continue with this kind of bad behavior, then I don’t see why a company would not have him on their roster. Now that’s not going to be a popular topic or discussion to have without certain fans and wrestlers not wanting to forgive him.

Just trying to present both sides and how I view it, and the other part of this whole ordeal is we’re only getting bits of information with regards to what really happened. Only Marty and his victim can tell us. It’s easy for us to speculate and add our own commentary, but sometimes we mess that kind of stuff up badly. I can only convey the same speculation when stories like this come out. So being transparent, for now this is a rumor that might be true, with that being said yes, I could see WWE taking interest in Marty Scurll.

How would you as wrestling fans see Marty Scurll wrestling in WWE or anywhere else? Share your thoughts by commenting down below.

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