Matt Hardy Not a Fan of WWE’s Hardy Bros

Recently WWE had trademarked the name “Hardy Bros” in an attempt to possibly recreate what they had with Jeff and Matt who were known as the Hardy Boyz, back when both brothers were employed by Vince McMahon.

It seems Matt Hardy has taken issue with his former boss and employer over learning this news. Matt Hardy has released a new video on his YouTube channel, where the AEW superstar publicly called McMahon and WWE out for pairing his brother Jeff Hardy with Riddle as a tag-team by calling them the Hardy Bros.

Matt reminded fans why The Hardy Boyz are the “greatest tag in pro wrestling history,” and let me say while I agree with Matt that they should be in the conversation as one of top tag-teams, for him to claim the absolute greatest with all due respect gonna have disagree and I’m a fan. Now if we’re going by certain eras, then he may have a point, but that is still very debatable. Matt would continue in his video by making the statement that McMahon’s reasoning for creating the Hardy Bros was just so he could try to recreate the magic of the eight-time WWE Tag-Team Champions The Hardy Boyz.

Matt said, “There is no doubt, if someone ever asked you who the greatest tag-team of all-time is, it is The Hardy Boyz.” Matt also added, “As a matter of fact, Vince McMahon is so obsessed with the greatness and popularity of The Hardy Boyz, he’s created the Hardy Bros. And he’s put together another guy named Matt with my brother, to try and recreate the magic we once had.” Matt brought up an interesting detail there that I myself did not put together with Riddle’s first name obviously being Matt which I knew. It was when Matt Hardy put that in context how Vince wanted to use another wrestler named Matt that reminded me. But then we know Vince wanted the first name Matt dropped so Matt Riddle just now over the past several weeks maybe months been called Riddle.

Matt, showing some frustration on the subject, claimed that The Hardy Boyz were destined to fail in WWE. Matt stated, “Vince is confusing the marketplace because he’s so vicious because he’s Vince McMahon, an evil dictator” okay I added that last part. Matt believes McMahon wished he had The Hardy Boyz. Are we taking TLC years Hardyz and their latest run together with WWE or Delete, Delete, Delete Broken Matt Hardy, I’m not sure. The Hardy Boyz are not gonna work. You would have had a better chance with Fake Razor and Fake Diesel. Well, I can tell you with all due respect to Fake Razor I think many fans would say you know what things worked out well for “Fake Diesel” after the fact when he became Kane and that’s still one of my all-time favorite storylines in wrestling. So other than bad creative and terrible ideas WWE still owned those characters “Razor Ramon” & “Big Daddy Cool Diesel,” even though Scott Hall & Kevin Nash went to WCW. I think Glenn Jacobs might not agree because he thinks things worked out pretty well and I forgot how the man had such bad gimmicks before he was “The Big Red Machine.” Once again I agree with Matt the whole idea in hindsight was awful by having Fake Razor and Diesel but to me how about we not forget how big a star Glenn Jacobs became for Vince and that the whole storyline of being a brother for an icon like The Undertaker, c’mon. One might say what’s this got to do with Matt Hardy well evidently he brought it up on his YouTube Video, so there’s your answer.

Hey, I’m not saying Matt does not make some valid points, I’m just providing a fan’s perspective not saying I’m right. Matt said that in the year 2000, The Hardy Boyz sold more merchandise than any other tag-team in history. I don’t doubt that at all they were very popular, could work and were over. They are one of the best, but to say you’re the greatest out of all the tag-teams ever is purely subjective to others’ opinions. Hey, stats don’t lie when it comes to Matt and Jeff they were and still are fun to watch wrestle in the ring. “We’re more popular than all tag teams in history, not just more talented.” He said. Okay, is Matt stroking his ego by saying this and because he’s in AEW and the popular thing is to blame Vince and WWE and now you’re competing against them and maybe it’s you who wished you could recreate that same magic with your brother Jeff instead of Riddle. Matt goes on, “in the year 2000, it is a stone cold documented statement that we sold more merchandise than any other tag-team in history, and that included The Road Warriors.” That same year, he said they made 20 times more on their downside guarantees because of how incredibly popular they were. Was he throwing that part in for Steve Austin? There again not doubting that part was true. My issue is he mentions The Road Warriors okay let’s think about this for a minute, if we’re taking just WWE then that’s plausible, but also Matt as one wrestling fan to another here’s a reminder that Hawk & Animal with Precious Paul Ellering were definitely one of the greatest and most over tag-teams in all of professional wrestling. I noticed Matt forgot to mention other promotions such as AWA, JCP NWA, WCW, NJPW and WWE. I doubt if you included all of those you’re the greatest tag-team in wrestling history. Now with that being said, WWE early 2000’s yeah I could buy that because I watched and saw it with my own eyes, but yet again we’re just talking about that era and WWE. I know other territorial promotions were around then. Matt with all due respect I would have The Hardy Boyz up there as one of the best for that era just not for all or being the greatest if we’re going by every great tag-team.

I’m a Matt Hardy Fan and he knows more than me. That’s very obvious. I’m happy he’s in AEW and doing well and still wrestling, teaching, and mentoring their wrestlers. I feel he is valuable. He’s got a right to have a problem with Vince and WWE when it pertains to a tag-team seemingly stealing their name. He and his brother Jeff enjoyed so much success at such a high level together. I agree they should be in that conversation. The thing is when I hear him say Greatest Tag-Team in wrestling, that’s where I have to draw a line somewhere simply coming from the fan’s point of view. Vince McMahon is a great visionary for the wrestling business but even with all his incredible creative ideas over the years at the end of the day he’s human. I don’t care how good or great you are, we all make mistakes and have our faults. I think we’ve witnessed and seen McMahon have some bad ideas like anybody has even in such an important position as head of the WWE. Can Matt make an argument, yes that’s his right, and with many promoters in any sport, form of entertainment at times will try to go back and recreate a formula that will work. Hey, sometimes it works and then sometimes it doesn’t. Being fair we have to learn to be patient with these ideas as it pertains to the creative process with WWE and other wrestling companies. I hope if WWE chooses to continue the Hardy Bros that it’s successful but only time will tell. Just like I hope Matt continues to be successful with this fresh new restart with AEW. Matt has been through a lot with scary-looking injuries. I worry from a fan’s perspective about these guys taking such risks for their families sake. But I’ll know they are doing it to entertain us and I thank them. 

This is not intended to be a piece about demeaning a future Hall-of-Famer like Matt or another future Hall-of-Famer like his brother Jeff, I simply was presenting my side of things to help add my opinion as a fan. Respect, admire and I’m a huge supporter and fan of Matt and Jeff Hardy.

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