Wrestle Kingdom 15 Night 2

American Wrestling fans still haven’t recovered from night one’s excitement but there’s no rest for the weary. So grab your caffeine because this is another 2 am eastern start. It’s also another stacked card with a main event for the Double Gold. Will Ibushi become a god or will we breathe with the switchblade in White’s new era? Find out in our Wrestle Kingdom 15 night 2 results.

D1) STARDOM EXHIBITION MATCH: AZM, Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita def Natsupoi, Himeka & Maika

It’s a shame we won’t get to see these Stardom matches because of tv contract obligations. (9m 48s)

D2) STARDOM EXHIBITION MATCH: Syuri & Giulia def Tam Nakano & Mayu Iwatani

Giulia is my favorite women wrestler because of her palpable star power. (12m 49s)

1) KOPW 2021 4 WAY MATCH: Toru Yano def Chase Owens, Bad Luck Fale & Bushi

The Bullet Club members had Bushi beat but couldn’t decide who should get the pin. This resulted in Yano hitting them both with simultaneous low blows and stealing the pin for himself. (7m 34s)

2) IWGP Jr. HEAVYWEIGHT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Yoshinobu Kanemaru & El Desperado (2nd defense) def Master Wato & Ryusuke Taguchi

The theme of this match was distracting the referee. In the end, Kanemaru distracted the referee with his whiskey bottle. This resulted in Desperado landing a closed right jab and a Pinche Loco. (13m 20s)

3) NEVER OPENWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Shingo Takagi (1st defense) def Jeff Cobb

This was a great match because it felt like a slugfest. Cobb attempted a Super Tour of the Islands but ate a powerbomb for his troubles. This allowed Shingo to unleash a flurry of offense but Cobb refused to yield. Shingo finally put Cobb down with a Pumping Bomber followed by Last of the Dragon. (21m 11s)


This was fun because it was an old fashioned grudge match. Dick Togo interfered early and often. However, SANADA was able to dropkick EVIL into Togo, sending Togo through a table. EVIL went for EVERYTHING IS EVIL but SANADA countered with one of his own. This allowed SANADA to hit a pop-up TKO and a moonsault for the victory. (23m 40s)

5) IWGP Jr. HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP: Hiromu Takahashi def Taiji Ishimori (1st defense)

This match was awesome because of the break neck pace from the offset. It was filled with hard strikes and death-defying moves. At one point, they teased a referee stoppage because of the consecutive brutal strikes Hiromu was taking. After a crazy match and a series of submission reversals, Hiromu hit a Time Bomb for the win. (25m 31s)


We were spoiled tonight because this was another great match. The two wrestlers put on a classic for the better part of an hour. White was in trouble because he activated “terminator Ibushi”. A referee spot led to White hitting a Bladerunner for a great near fall. White dramatically captured Ibushi in the Tana Tapped Out, the move that felled Ibushi’s mentor. In the end, Ibushi took control with stiff kicks. Ibushi hit White with a back and front Kamigoye for the win. (48m 5s)

That’s all for Wrestle Kingdom 15 night 2 results but we only have a day to catch our breath. NEW YEARS DASH is scheduled for Wednesday.

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