Film Review: Wonder Woman 1984

This review contains minor non-plot related spoilers.

I have just finished watching WW84 for the first time. As a huge DC fan, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an incredibly fun movie. With that being said, I can’t help but feel like it was a very good film that could have been and should have been a great film. But before I get into my major critiques of the film let me start by praising the absolute best part of the film, the acting.

The acting and casting of the leads in this film was absolutely incredible, and it is why I say this should have been a great film. Gal Gadot gives another amazing performance as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. I know the casting choice has been praised many times before, but let me do it again. Gal Gadot was the perfect choice for Wonder Woman. As long as she is in the role I will be excited for any future Wonder Woman films. Chris Pine also gives another great performance and the chemistry between him and Gal is outstanding once again. The two villains of this film were also perfectly cast. Kristen Wiig portrays Barbara’s descent into Cheetah incredibly and her character is both sympathetic and bad ass. But the best performance of the film has to go to Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord. He plays the part perfectly, with an amazing balance between charm and a lust for power. He has quickly become one of my favorite DCEU villains.

Now, for some of the ways this film failed. Firstly, the special effects. Many of the effects looked amazing. And I loved that they worked the invisible jet into live action. But it has to be said that several scenes and effects were embarrassingly bad and had no business being in a blockbuster superhero film. I do not understand how WB can give us the beautiful CGI of Atlantis in Aquaman, but can’t make Diana running down a street not look like it was shot by a high schooler with a green screen. The film also overuses Diana’s lasso to the point it gets rather annoying. With that being said there is a lot of really good fight and stunt choreography in the film and a lot of the scenes are very fun to watch.

The film’s biggest failure though, has to be the final act. Like the original Wonder Woman film, it fails to deliver a very satisfying finale. Wonder Woman’s clash with Cheetah while very fun, is way too short especially considering the film’s run time. But even worse than that is Diana’s confrontation with Maxwell Lord. Wonder Woman fighting some wind before finally saving the day with a sappy speech and all the people of the world doing the right thing, is something that feels like it belongs in an episode of CW’s Supergirl, not a major film.

But, despite all those issues, the film is very good overall. It drags a bit in the latter half, but there is a lot to like. From the stellar acting, to the great stunt sequences and fight scenes. And even some very heartfelt moments, this film has a little something for everyone. It works hard to be its own entity while still fitting in to the overall DCEU timeline. Diana destroys security cams, and tries to stay hidden, so it fits with BVS. Her learning to fly, throws a bit of a wrench into things, but it can be easily overlooked. I don’t think it’s as good as Wonder Woman, but it is a solid film in its own right.

Joseph’s rating: 6.5/10

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