Ric Flair on a Triple H Retirement Match

Professional wrestling royalty and one of the industry’s all-time greats and WWE Hall-of-Famer “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair talked about wanting to see Triple H wrestle one last match. Flair is holding our hope for “the Game” to have a huge retirement match. Triple H did not compete in action for this year’s WrestleMania, it should be noted this was the first Mania he missed since WrestleMania 23. He was out for that show due to suffering a torn right quadriceps injury. Triple H is now 51 years old, but there is no doubt to anyone that if he chose to put on the ring attire and walk down to the ring, a future Hall-of-Famer himself could still go. Flair believes his good friend Triple H still might have few great matches left in him.

Ric Flair took part in an interview recently with WWE UK to promote next week’s upcoming Raw Legends Night episode this Monday January 4th on the USA Network. Flair opened up during the conversation about how he feels we might see Triple H retire sometime down the road and why he thinks his fellow Evolution member is deserving of a huge sendoff from the WWE Universe. Flair said, “I’m actually hoping to see him have a huge retirement match, if he even elects to retire in the future.” Flair continued by making the statement, “He deserves every bit of it and all the recognition to go with it.” When referring to his friend Triple H, Flair went on to admit that Triple H knows more about the building than he does, despite a 20-year difference in age. He continued by stating The Game exemplifies ‘Legend’ more than anyone else because he’s a student of the game.

Flair continued about Triple H, “He exemplifies ‘Legend’ more than anybody because he is not only a great performer, he has studied the business, he is a historian,”  Flair really stressed this point. Ric spoke about how he probably knows more about business, “and I’ve been in it 30 years longer than he has.” Flair also added that he hadn’t seen anybody at his age come into the business with such a wrestling IQ as The Game’s. He also noticed that Triple H was very respectful every day and it was fun to see someone that just loved to be in the ring and truly loved the business. He talked about how became a great worker and how he has become an intricate part of the WWE.

The Nature Boy was very complimentary to Triple H for being the person responsible for building and managing the WWE NXT brand. “He’s accomplished all this through his efforts and he has ascended himself to a place of not just being a great worker, he’s helped to impact the company with the growth of NXT,” said Flair. “Helping to see young guys get the opportunity to make the main roster, working with people on a daily basis. Plus he’s one of my two or three best friends. I just saw him at Raw and at TLC and had a nice talk with him. He basically lives the kind of schedule we did in the old days. He wouldn’t have it any other way. He won’t miss anything, and he always wants to see the company grow.”

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