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We are about to wrap up what has been for most, a very complicated and forgettable 2020. One thing that has been able to help keep me and many others level headed is professional wrestling. We have seen growth and adjustment from all wrestling companies this year with the huge adjustment of not being able to have any fans in attendance. We have had many memorable moments from this past year such as The Firefly Funhouse, Boneyard, Swamp Fight, and Firefly Inferno matches among many others. These are matches we most likely never would have seen if not for the pandemic. But enough about the past lets look into the future. These are my 10 bold predictions for the year of 2021 for the WWE.

Aleister Black & Zelina Vega's Twitch highlights

10) WWE Will Debut Twitch and Cameo Accounts

One of the most dramatic (in my opinion anyway) things that happened in 2020 was the WWE not allowing their superstars make money off their WWE given names or characters. Reportedly WWE is working on setting up their own Twitch and Cameo accounts to where the superstars will able to use that platform. I expect this to be in place around Wrestlemania time.

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9) Wrestlemania 37 Will Return to Two Nights

After the success of Wrestlemania 36 being two nights this past year I expect them to do it again. This is once again one of the positive things you can take from 2020 as for most wrestling fans an 7 or 8 hour Wrestlemania is WAY too much. Breaking it down into two nights makes it easier for fans to digest and makes it easier to spread out the matches and make them mean more. I hope this is what they do going forward but for 2021 since I don’t expect fans back by Wrestlemania this year I fully expect this Wrestlemania to be two nights once again.

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8) WWE Raw/Smackdown Tag Team Belts Will Be Re-designed

Let’s be honest these championships look like crap. If WWE Shop gave these away for free I honestly wouldn’t take one. They look like over sized dimes and are in a huge need for a re-design. Look at how nice the new US title looks and tell me that WWE can’t make a design just as good for both sets of tag belts that make each unique to it’s specific brand. I think they can and will this year.

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7) WWE Will Sign Underutilized AEW Superstars

All we seem to ever hear is how WWE under-utilizes talent or uses talent incorrectly. With AEW’s roster growing by the week it seems, I think this upcoming year you will see wrestlers make the jump from AEW to WWE. In my opinion, you have wrestlers such as Britt Baker, Scorpio Sky, The Best Friends (Chuck, Trent and Orange Cassidy) among others that might be better used in WWE. The roster is AEW isn’t slimming down anytime soon so the opportunities might just not be their for everyone. Only having one weekly TV show hurts them a bit. Yes, AEW Dark is on Youtube but lets be honest, no one cares about it. 2021 will feature the first of many AEW superstars to make the jump to the evil WWE.

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6) Bobby Lashley vs Brock Lesnar Finally Happens

Since returning to WWE a few years back we have been clamoring for a match between Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar and in 2021 I think we will finally get it. Lashley has been booked like an absolute machine since being united with MVP and put into The Hurt Business and this sets up well for a future feud with Brock. Brock is a guy that you have to have someone believable face him or fans wont have interest. Brock will resign with WWE (no fanboys he’s NOT going to AEW, ever) and this match will happen this year. I am predicting Summerslam as this would be arguably the biggest match you could do for both men heading into the biggest event of the summer.

Elias | WWE

5) Elias Wins First Singles Championship; A Well Deserved Push

Elias is the most underutilized talent in the WWE. Yeah, I said it. The guy has the look, promo skills, in ring ability and natural charisma you need to be a success in the wrestling industry. He has two albums that are both successful and when he is on air he is must see TV. Elias is WAY overdue for a single’s title run and has yet to win his first which to me is insane. I don’t count that stupid 24/7 title he won a few times, I’m talking real championships. I expect at the very least Elias is the US champion at some point in 2021 and starts getting pushed the way he should be. I expect Elias to be among the favorites to win the 2022 Royal Rumble and I think he will be very hot by the end of 2021.

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4) Charlotte Will Be a 20 Time Women’s Champion by Years End

Charlotte is back everyone! How exciting is that? For me not so much. Charlotte made her return at the WWE TLC PPV and won a title within a half an hour. This is the trend WWE seems to have with her as they can’t help themselves with giving her titles. As an already 12 time Women’s Champion I expect that number to grow. I’m still waiting for her run as WWE Universal, US, Intercontinental, 24/7, NXT Mens and WWE Champion. I fully expect the way she’s booked that she will not only shatter her dads record of 16 time champion, I see her over 20 by the years end. Think I’m crazy? Maybe but I fully expect Charlotte to be champion many, many, many times this year.

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3) Bray Wyatt Will Be the Biggest Thing in Professional Wrestling

One of the hottest things in wrestling over the last year or so has been the multi layered character of Bray Wyatt. Between The Fiend, the Wyatt Family Bray and Firefly Funhouse Bray we have been drawn to the TV each and every time this guy is on the screen. Then you throw in Alexa Bliss into the mix and you have a chance to create something legendary, yes LEGENDARY. The creative brilliance of Bray has been on display for the last year with his work behind the scenes most notably with the Firefly Funhouse match. With The Fiend being set on fire at TLC I expect a much darker, edgier version of Bray to re emerge and it will take that character to an even higher level. The ability to have Alexa recruit I think will be huge as well. I expect Nikki Cross among others to be added to this group throughout this year. By the end of 2021 the biggest star in professional wrestling will be Bray Wyatt.

The Undertaker retires from WWE | Sports News,The Indian Express

2) The Undertaker Will Come Out of Retirement

We have been down this road before right? Between the multiple times he left his ring gear in the ring after Wrestlemania matches to the farewell we just seen at Survivor Series but I am not buying the fact that The Undertaker will never be in a WWE ring. For one Vince McMahon will find it necessary to bring him in for something and I don’t think Taker will say no. He just loves the business too much. A Fiend vs Undertaker match NEEDS to happen at some point for a pass the torch kind of moment and would be the perfect way for him to actually end his in ring career. Without fans in attendance for his farewell I don’t think that’ll be enough as Undertaker will want to go out in front of fans and deservedly so. I think around Summerslam time the rumors will start swirling again and I fully expect you will see the Undertaker in the ring again in 2021.

WWE & AEW Fans Could Return To Live Events NEXT WEEK

1) Fans Will Be Back By the End of 2021

With growing optimism that a vaccine is becoming available and being effective this should give wrestling fans hope that they could be back in attendance in the upcoming year. I fully expect by the end of the year the fans will be back in attendance at fully capacity. The one thing that’s really hurt the product in my opinion is the fan interaction. The chants, the boos, the cheers and everything else that comes with the fans is sorely missed. Hell, its hard to tell if some wrestlers are even getting over as the fan reaction is how that is determined. The WWE Thunderdome and everything has been a good adjustment but nothing beats live fans and personally can’t wait to go to a live event again. This is my boldest prediction for sure but I will stand by it. Get excited wrestling fans because by the end of the year of 2021 we will be allowed to be in attendance for wrestling events again and it will be a wonderful thing.

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