Devil’s Advocate: Masvidal vs Covington?

Hey Buzz fans and I hope you all are having a Merry Christmas with your families. I just got done scrolling through YouTube and I see that my main man Colby Covington has finally broken his silence. Covington (16-2) was on the Submission Radio Podcast on December 23rd and as always he didn’t have a shortage of words for his old buddy, Jorge Masvidal. Before I dig into that though, I wanna ask you buzz-fans, what exactly is the hold up for the Masvidal/Covington fight? I mean after Colby’s destruction of his former nemesis, Tyron Woodley, he immediately went to the post conference, pink suit jacket and all, and by name said he wanted Masvidal next. Period.

By all accounts I would have thought this fight would have been signed before the end of 2020, and instead by all intents and purposes I can only deduct that Jorge Masvidal DOES NOT want to fight Colby Covington. Now if you have been following this rivalry, they didn’t always be bitter rivals. They used to live together, they partied together, they trained at that same gym together, best buds. There is even a YouTube video chronicling their different journeys in moving up in MMA. It wasn’t until they started heading towards the same prize, the welterweight championship. From there it has only gotten worse, they have both fought the current Welterweight Champion, the ultra boring, Kamaru Usman. I’m not taking anything from Usman as a fighter, he’s extremely talented with a top level wrestling game, with precise, heavy striking. His fight against Covington was in my eyes definitely the fight of the year, eventually knocking him down and with a blind eye, the referee Marc Goddard didn’t notice, stopped the fight by POUNDING on the back of Covington’s head. The fight was stopped, but it was in the fight I noticed the crowd really turned on Usman and definitely after the fight, he is utterly unpopular and Covington’s following grew after that fight.

When Masvidal fought Usman it was lackluster at best, he took the fight “on short notice.” I put that in quotes that because technically he was already training before the fight so the term short notice may be technically correct, but even with a training camp, it wouldn’t have mattered, Usman was too strong and was too wrestling heavy for Masvidal. Even though Masvidal has improved his takedown defense and scrambling, I think he knows how the fight with Covington is going to go.

That’s not to say that Masvidal couldn’t win the fight, just look at the Askren fight. Ben Askren is a much better wrestler than Jorge Masvidal, and Masvidal hit the once in lifetime knee heard around the world. So I think that Masvidal always has a striker’s chance, but honestly Covington probably has the highest fight I.Q in the game. Every fight he looks better and better. Even in the Usman fight his striking was amazing. He has great leg kicks that are perfect for the setup of the takedown, or to get the opponent against the cage. Not only am I a fan, but I am a realist, even if I didn’t like Covington, I would still acknowledge the fact that he is Championship material of the very highest caliber.

As much as I have just said, I would have to think that Masvidal knows all of this as well, but not only is he apparently turning the Covington fight down, but walking away from a lot of money on the table as both men were rumored to be the coaches for T.U.F ( The Ultimate Fighter). It’s just hard for me to believe with all the trash talk in the gym, and online, and even the whole the confrontation with Colby at the DC vs Stipe fight where the boss Dana White had to get involved, to now he’s gone completely silent…

Well not completely, after Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson had in my eyes one of his best performances to date, Masvidal went to twitter to type “#2021 unfinished business” to Thompson. So not only is he completely walking away from the biggest rivalry in the UFC, a lot of money with a reality TV show hanging in the wings, he’s going to call out a guy that has already beaten him easily once before. So hopefully Colby has a plan B that hopefully sees him fighting the winner of Usman vs Burns sooner rather than later.

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