Can Seahawks Force Rams to Play Catch Up

T-Shirts, hats, and the NFC West Division Title are on the line Sunday for the Seattle Seahawks. They will host division rivals, LA Rams, in an all or a few things need to happen game. The Seahawks can clinch the NFC West with a win or the Rams can open the door back up to clinch a playoff berth and regain the division lead. Shot out to the New York Jets and Frank Gore for helping out the Seahawks, thanks guys! What everyone thought would be impossible, the Jets pulled out the possible and beat the Rams 23-20 last Sunday. What a plot twist!

This is the second match-up for the division rivals this year. They battled it out in week 10 with the Rams emerging with a 36-31 win. Something about the Rams tempo and their focus that allow them to make it touch on the Seahawks, especially Russell Wilson. He has had a harder time with the Rams than he does any other division opponent. Its like the Rams set the tempo of the game and the Hawks are tying to play catchup to match up with their intensity.

Los Angeles’ defense led by defensive tackle Aaron Donald is a thorn in Wilson’s side. Donald is a beast at collapsing the pocket, forcing Willson to play outside. On the outside the Rams have it locked down with corner Jalen Ramsey and Darious Williams. Williams picked off Russell twice the last time they met up. While everyone is expecting the Ramsey vs Metcalf to be interesting. The Seahawks running backs Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde are going to be the game changer for the Rams defense. Both Carson and Hyde were injured the first time the Seahawks and Rams meet. There is one thing that we have learned over the last few weeks is if you cover Metcalf it only leaves Carson, Hyde, and Lockett open to cook something up. Wilson and company are going to have to keep the Rams defense wondering what they are about to do.

The Rams have failed to execute in critical situations and the pressure will be on QB Jared Goff to preform. Rams head coach Sean McVay said this week that the failures, “have kind of caught up with us.” The one thing that the Rams offense line has done consistently is protect Goff. They will also be missing one of their key players, Cam Akers on Sunday and it’s a big loss. They will likely use a combination of running back Darrell Henderson Jr. and Malcom Brown. Let’s face it the Rams just don’t have a running game and that is how games are getting away from them.

Seahawks safety Jamal Adams aka the “SackAttack” is back in action, he had just come off of his groin injury. Defensive end Carlos Dunlap and Adams will need to get put the pressure on and force Goff to make mistakes. The Seahawks defense have been on fire, “Our group has just played better. Now, we feel it and we got a chance to play some pretty good ball” coach Pete Carroll said this week. Since the Seahawks last faced the Rams’ they have recorded 18 quarterback sacks and four interceptions in the last five games.

The Seahawks are going to need to use their home field advantage Sunday if they want the win. They have to take control of the game form the start and set the tone. Force the Rams to play catch up to them this time around. The question is how badly do they want that T-shirt and hat this week?

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