The True Meaning of Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again and unfortunately for most it doesn’t feel that way. We are still in a pandemic and people are struggling all around the world right now and I understand it might be hard to be the most chipper person these days. I have that struggle my self most of the time. This Christmas, for many reasons, is going to be a very unique on for all of us. Lockdowns, curfews and quarantines are all things we haven’t had to deal with in the past but are a huge thing we have going on current day. But we should not let that affect us having a good holiday.

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Yes, Josh easier said then done, I don’t have the money because I’ve been off work to get my kid the new PlayStation they want. There is a popular song that says “You can’t always get what you want.” This especially rings true for many people this year struggling financially and I understand. I missed multiple weeks of work after having COVID-19 and I lost almost 3 weeks of pay. What people need to understand is expensive gifts are not what Christmas is about, it’s just what everyone seems to think. Time with your families and friends is what the holidays is supposed to be about. Most people have time off of work and get to utilize that time to spend with family and friends that they don’t normally have due to their hectic schedules and responsibilities. This is the part of Christmas I always look forward too. Sometimes we need to take a step back and find the answers where you least expect it.

With all the craziness that’s happened in 2020, this is a time more than ever for everyone to sit back look at what they have and appreciate it. The number one thing people should be appreciative for is good health – for them and their families. Life isn’t guaranteed day-by-day and no day should ever be taken for granted because it could be your last. Forget the holidays for a minute because this is the line of thinking people should carry each and every day. The fact you have the ability to get up, go to work, make money and take care of yourself and your families is something you should never take for granted. Like I said, I missed a few weeks of work and I was unable to go “all out” on buying gifts like I typically do but I didn’t let that ruin my holiday, I got creative. For people struggling, there are many ways to create great Christmas gifts that cost very minimal. Make a blanket, a shirt, hoodie or something simple yet sentimental like that. The most thoughtful gifts are the ones that people remember the most. It’s about quality not quantity and that goes for just about everything. Take a step back, look at all you have around you and be thankful for each and every little thing that you have in your life because they are all truly blessings. It’s never too late to change your frame of mind and coming up on the end of the year is the best time to do so as you can enter the next year with a clean slate, refocus your mind and goals, and have a great 2021.

I didn’t type this to lecture you all, I honestly didn’t. But most of the best gifts you have in life are already around you – and you can’t put on them. I’m most thankful for my loving family who have dealt with me my whole life no matter how good or bad I’ve been over the years. There are times where I didn’t deserve second chances and they were always there for me. That’s something no Christmas gift could ever top. There are still people I have treated wrong that I hope can one day forgive me because I care about them. That’s what this season is for, as you never do know when the last time you see someone could be. Life happens fast. Then there are my friends that I’ve had for years and my friends that I have just recently made. Not everything may have gone my way this year; all my sports teams suck, people keep trying to tell me Die Hard is a Christmas movie, and my hair is starting to turn gray – indicating the start of old age. But I look back at the blessings from this year. My family is healthy, I have a great group of friends, and I have been provided a chance to do something I love. The ability to write and podcast here with The Buzz. My Buzz family is very special to me as we are very unique. Most the time I’ll ever see any of them is via Streamyard or talking to them in our internal communication app. But having people to talk to and who support you the way I do is truly better than any gift you can wrap and put under the tree. I hope everyone who reads this can take something from it and it affects you positively in someway.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone. Be safe and enjoy the company of your family and friends and let us end this terrible 2020 on a high note and kick ass in 2021.

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