Trish Stratus | WWE Coach?

A WWE Hall of Famer talks about the possibilities of working as a coach/producer for WWE, that legend is none other than Trish Stratus herself. 

Stratus made a recent appearance on the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast where she was asked if she would consider becoming a producer for WWE. Stratus answered by saying she’d love to, but she admitted it would come with the price of having to be on the road while still having her family at home. She revealed about having a few conversations with Matt Bloom who is the Head Coach for the WWE Performance Center, Stratus would go to NXT to work with their developmental talents in some capacity. Trish talked about the recent returns to WWE she’s had and how working with WWE Producer Fit Finlay would be like. 

Stratus said “I would love to. I love the idea of it.” She continues, “The reality is it comes with the road, right? And I just can’t do the road because of my family, at this point anyway. They’re young now.” The former WWE Women’s Champion has a three-year old and Max just turned 7. So at this point in her life, “I just couldn’t go back on the road like that and leave my family like that but yeah, I’d love to contribute in some way.” For Stratus it was nice to go back those couple of times and just work with the girls and see how their minds work and telling the art of storytelling and just working with Fit Finlay again, “it got me stimulated and him and I were in like this little- we’re like Frit and Frat.”

Trish further went on to say, “We just have this little connection when we were working together, and we would literally come up with ideas the more we would-and we’d be like, Yeah… ‘ You just have that with someone. So we had that and so I thought, ‘Man, we could put some good matches together.’ We would be like co-agenting probably.” She thinks that would be awesome, and she would like to contribute in some way. When talking with her former tag-team partner Matt Bloom, Trish said it all goes back to the timing not being right but she’d love to work with the younger talents in WWE. “I’ve talked with Bloom, [her former partner] about possibly going to NXT,” she continued in the interview. “We’ve talked about it on a number of occasions. It’s just like never the right time has come about to do that.” Trish made it known that she’d love to work with the young minds and that was the best part about Tough Enough was due to an opportunity to work with these kids and that sort of thing so yeah, for sure she would be interested if it all worked out but having a family makes that commitment harder especially given time on the road like she mentioned.

Stratus recently made a return to WWE TV on Wednesday Dec. 23 as a presenter for the 2020 Slammy Awards on the WWE Network. She presented the Slammy for the Female Superstar of the year to Sasha Banks who is currently the Smackdown Women’s Champion and Trish Stratus last wrestled current WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champion Charlotte Flair at 2019’s SummerSlam, where she lost the match by submission to Flair. 

My opinion is Trish Stratus would make a great coach or producer even both for WWE, with her experience in wrestling. She could definitely help new talent coming up in NXT, also Trish can contribute and help even established talent on the main rosters of Raw and Smackdown now. I can see her as an agent for matches. It’s no surprise that she and Matt Bloom have had talks of her coming into such a role, but having said that, respect her for being a devoted mother to her kids. We all know how much Trish loves wrestling, however family comes first that’s a sign of a true superstar in and outside the ring. Stratus has been an example and influence for so many including Sasha Banks and Mandy Rose, Dana Brooke many look up to the WWE Hall of Famer and rightfully so. 

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