Ricochet Not Happy With WWE

WWE superstar Ricochet appeared on WWE Raw Talk Monday night to discuss his status on the Raw roster. He was upset and emotional about not knowing what the future holds for him with the red brand on the USA Network.

Ricochet continues to lose on Raw this week he was defeated by T-Bar who represents the group Retribution. He admitted things have not been going well for him this whole year. It’s taken a toll on him losing his matches when facing names such as Andrade, Bobby Lashley, and the many different members of Retribution. He also talked about the fact that he only held the United States Championship for a few weeks and he could not touch Brock Lesnar and he couldn’t hurt The Hurt Business and now the wrestler has trouble with Retribution. Ricochet went on to say, “something has got to change and I don’t know what that is yet.”

Then Ricochet got emotional and repeated saying something has to change. “I feel like I’m on the way but something has got to change” and that every single night he’s looking up at the lights. Host of Raw Talk Charly Caruso says Ricochet could join Retribution and maybe he can influence their way of doing things. He answered her by saying that he doesn’t want to be involved with them in any way but admits he cannot continue to be the one that people step over in order to further their own careers. Ricochet said, “ if that means trying something a little different, who knows?” 

Well it’s clear this is obviously part of a storyline where the WWE are teasing a possible Ricochet heel turn either by joining Retribution or The Hurt Business. Him emoting was just a clever way for him and the creative to further sell and setup the angle. They used their Raw Talk after show segment where Ricochet could use that kind of emotion to appear sincere to the fans. Because here is the thing, ricochet has been a good guy for so long that maybe making him a bad guy by joining a top stable could revitalize his career. He’s very talented and can do some exciting moves inside and outside the ring. His promos need work, if I were booking or had the chance to be involved in creative alignment then I’m putting Ricochet with The Hurt Business.

You may ask why? I tell you the reason as to why, look at how successful Cedric Alexander has been since turning heel and becoming a member of The Hurt Business with MVP, Lashley, Benjamin, and Alexander. MVP could talk for Ricochet and have him do other moves besides always high-flying maneuvers. Make Ricochet more aggressive and have him learn to brawl, add more physicality and also more brutality to his gimmick. WWE and Ricochet can capitalize on his real-life frustrations with the company, let the man talk and his promos be real, authentic so that way he resonates with the fans more, whether they like him or not at least he is getting over and turning his career around. Then have him start winning over some big names if it makes sense and is logical to the story. That’s just my opinion.

I know it’s easy as a fan to do fantasy booking and I don’t know how to book wrestling. However I can appreciate the fact that if you’re going to have one of your stars show emotion in an interview segment and have your interviewer imply to your star that he ought to join a villain group he’s been feuding with on tv recently. Then it makes me believe as a fan we’re going to see a heel Ricochet. Give the guy a push by surrounding him with the right people, no it’s not Retribution, it’s The Hurt Business. 

Who’s a fan of Ricochet? If WWE turns Ricochet heel meaning a bad guy, what group does he join Retribution or The Hurt Business? Please share your thoughts by commenting below:

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