AJ Styles, Vince McMahon, and the Twitch Ban

WWE superstar AJ Styles recently did an interview with TalkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy where he revealed details about a meeting he had with his boss Vince McMahon over third party edict bans where WWE talents had been asked to stop engaging with platforms such as Twitch and Cameo. Styles along with Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks and Xavier Woods use such platforms. They all met with McMahon over the matter. 

Styles told McCarthy he was not pleased about having to take down his Twitch channel, but Styles did say he took the news of the edict like “a team player.” AJ came to an agreement to follow the lead of “the captain” who he says is Vince McMahon. Styles opened up about meeting with McMahon over the whole third party ban, he continued by stating in an interview hosted by Inside the Ropes. “Myself, Xavier Woods, and Sasha Banks had a sit down meeting in Connecticut about this situation. By the end of the meeting, it was determined that this point this face is intellectual property.” 

He also explained by saying, “We do well as far as the WWE goes and if there’s an opportunity to pay back that Twitch money that we worked hard for at different times, then we probably should.” 

Styles said he had been doing the Twitch stream long before the COVID-imposed lockdowns, unlike a lot of other wrestlers who took up to streaming earlier this year. “I was already streaming and doing my thing,” He went on to say, “But it was during my time off, and not while working. So they [WWE] examined it [meaning the situation]. I wasn’t happy about the ban, no one really was. But, it is what it is. I’ll handle it the way that I have to. I’m a team player, meaning Vince is the captain. I’ll follow his lead as far as Vince is concerned.”

Styles mentioned how WWE is currently in the process of working out a deal with Twitch so talents can return to streaming on a WWE-endorsed platform. He said, “ will it change? Will something happen? Will I be happy with it? Probably not. That said, the opportunity to be able to stream in the future in the future is definitely wide open. I obviously have the equipment, I just don’t have the opportunity to do that right now,” laughed Styles.

Credit to the quotes used in this article go to Inside the Ropes.

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