Devils Advocate: WonderBoy the Ultimate Underdog

Hey Buzz fans, After watching the events of last night UFC Fight Night  I felt compelled to write this piece. I just knew that I was going to get online and surely some one, if not many people were going to have already written pieces about what “I” felt should be the real story after last night’s fight clinic that Thompson put on.

But to my delight not one person had written about “The REAL story ” about what the results of “Wonderboy’s” masterful performance from last night meant, which even though I was overwhelmed with excitement, in another light I was saddened by this. You got this main event fighter, he’s never has a boring fight, a fight record of 16-4, only been knocked out one time, and nobodies getting behind this guy. I mean every fight they set the guy up with, the aura of the fight is “he’s getting old” or “this up and comer has too much power” and he’s expected to lose the fight. I’m not saying I got online and people weren’t praising his victory, because they were, but that’s it, nothing about the future of “Wonderboy” just that he looked real good and looked like “the old Wonderboy.”

My question is, how did he look like the old “Wonderboy?” The guy looks good in every fight, literally every fight. Even in the knockout loss to Anthony Pettis, he looked fantastic in the fight, appeared to be on another level, he simply got caught. That alone is a testament to Anthony Pettis, because a big part of what makes Thompson great is the fact that he is so elusive. He’s terribly hard to hit, just ask Geoff Neal, who by the end of the first round he had out struck the hard hitting Neal 16 to 10, and from there I would say it only harder for Neal as the fight progressed. The only time Neal got to stand and bang, was when “Wonderboy” stood there and gave him the opportunity. When he choose to not circle and sit down on his punches. I’m not here today to bash on Neal, I think he is a really talented and will only learn and get better from this fight.

The only opportunities you heard for “Wonderboy” before this fight was possibly a match with Khamzet Chimeav, that’s it. Thompson has fought a who’s who of the very best the UFC has to offer. A first round knockout of the former Middleweight champion Robert Whittaker, two of the most memorable fights that Tyron Woodley had in his tenure at Welterweight Champion, with one of which was a draw and the next a decision for Woodley, also a victory over former FC welterweight champion Johnny Hendricks, former Bellator Welterweight Champion Rory Mcdonald, and a one sided beating of Jorge Masvidal. I could keep going but you get my point I hope, and its a point I make in a lot of my pieces, rankings and victories mean nothing compared to star power. Period.

I mean now all of a sudden because he beat Goeff Neal, which is definitely a feather in his cap for sure. But that’s just one victory on top of plenty, “Wonderboy” has been there the whole time, right there in the top ten, and he’s been kept as a measuring stick, almost a stepping stone fighter with one exception, not many people have actually physically stepped over him, only stepping over him in the rankings. Period. Four losses, an early loss to Matt Brown, Tyron Woodley – in my eyes a very poorly judged fight – an overweight Darren Till (who now is successfully fighting a weight class above), and one knockout loss to Anthony Pettis. If the UFC marketing machine doesn’t get behind you, that’s what happens. Every fight is slated to be the end of Wonderboy’s UFC success, and last night is a prime example.

He was a slight underdog against Geoff Neal, who before “The Wonderboy” fight, his biggest fight was against Mike Perry. I’m not taking anything away from Geoff Neal in the slightest, because knocking out Mike Perry is no easy task. But no one, the commentators, the Vegas bookmakers, NO one mentioned the step up in competition. In my opinion, I think last night was supposed to be Geoff Neal’s coming out party, and Stephen Thompson’s exit out of the top ten and eventual way out of the door of the UFC. But like he has so many times before, Thompson rained on the UFC’s parade, thwarting another game opponent with relative ease. So I think have proven a pretty strong case as to why this should be Wonderboy’s time back in the limelight, but here’s my question to you Buzz Fans. Am I right? Is Thompson destined to be matched with up and coming killers until someone beats him? Or should the UFC finally acknowledge the fact that they have a real Championship caliber fighter that has been there this whole time, and in my eyes has real shot at dethroning the ultra boring Kamaru Usman? With his elusive movements and karate style striking? I don’t know Buzz Fans, you guys tell me?

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