Update on Lars Sullivan’s Absence

The ongoing saga of WWE Superstar Lars Sullivan continues. Speculation as to why the wrestler who was currently competing on Friday Night Smackdown on Fox, has been absent for more than a month off of WWE television. From what has been learned about the situation, WWE is giving no indication that Sullivan will return to TV anytime soon. The company has not even acknowledged or explained why he’s suddenly now been absent for the past several weeks.

Let me just say based on the apparent rumors concerning Lars Sullivan disappearing off of Smackdown, apparently “The Freak” has not been seen backstage in some time. None of the top people within WWE management are saying anything about Sullivan. Lars is not injured, just written off television for whatever reason we do not know. Many want to believe it comes down to the creatives for Smackdown, since Roman Reigns is the top star on Smackdown, and I would even with all due respect to McIntyre say the company and all of wrestling now. This report stated that with Reigns being the top heel which is true, WWE doesn’t want another top heel they don’t want to beat on the same brand. Okay here’s the problem with that theory: Lars Sullivan is not on the same level as Roman Reigns and eventually Sullivan being booked as a big, bad monster would have to lose at some point. Their storylines are not even close nor creative. That’s not a good comparison, let’s be honest and fair to both Reigns and Sullivan ones the star the other is not. 

I continue with that thought process by saying that’s not all on Lars, WWE has to take some of that responsibility. But if your Lars quit getting yourself in trouble and find a way to get over and learn from your mistakes. We’ve seen a not so flattering pattern with Mr. Sullivan. With that being said should any of this come as a big shock or surprise Sullivan not been on WWE TV lately? Really, No.

Sullivan’s name was not included on the same list of wrestlers that were reported to be sent back to the WWE Performance Center to train, after Vince McMahon was said to be unhappy with their work in the ring. Evidently Lars Sullivan has made someone higher up in WWE mad or that someone is Vince himself maybe he did not see that “it” factor with Sullivan. Here’s another thought, maybe Vince and Triple H saw Lars was not getting over and regardless it all may be due to his real-life drama and personal issues. I’ll be the first to say I don’t know for sure the reason why Lars has not been wrestling on Smackdown recently, as of now we’re going by what rumors have been reported on, mixed in with some of my personal opinion.

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