Triple H’s NXT Creative Team

WWE NXT is looking to expand with news coming out about Paul “Triple H” Levesque putting together a new creative team to lead a new NXT show, the idea is to have an NXT Minor league system for the black and gold brand.

The person assigned to lead the team on this new program will be Gabe Sapolsky. Triple H is reported to have given him several writers and agents to help Gabe feel comfortable in his new role as the one responsible for writing television for it. Triple H is a big supporter of Sapolsky’s talents and believes in his abilities to be in such an important position to oversee the new NXT show.

According to Sapolsky, the idea is to create a show that has been described to him as an “NXT for NXT.” Their biggest challenge will be how to format the concept for television. The original idea was to be like another smaller wrestling promotion that would run in some of the smaller markets which NXT serviced. With house shows possibly not returning soon, they want to make it a TV series. What the goal had been regarding the show was to have it launch in early 2021, however those plans have been delayed before when discussing such a project and the belief is it will probably happen again.

Gabe Sapolsky has been successful with running the popular Evolve promotion which featured many of WWE NXT’s top stars names such as former NXT Champion and current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre and former NXT and NXT North American Champion and NXT Champion Keith Lee. Triple H has always been a student of the Game literally now that is part of his gimmick, but he has learned under Vince McMahon, Pat Patterson, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, William Regal, and his friend Shawn Michaels. Paul Levesque got educated from the very best in the business including his own experience and knowledge of the industry as a whole to help instill those same values into the new and next generation of wrestling superstars.

Triple H was a fan of all kinds of wrestling not just WWE simply because he grew up in the Northeast United States. He watched the other wrestling territories, the “Cerebral Assassin” absorbed what he saw, that included watching the all-time greats such as a “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes among others while witnessing many others who were the big stars in those eras of pro-wrestling.

Triple H also knows people are yearning for something new, fresh, and exciting but a style rooted in fundamentals and psychology in and outside the ring. Get these wrestlers to improve their individual skillset meaning their craft and work in the squared circle. That’s why WWE has the Performance Center for that exact reason and Triple H knows even as talented and good as NXT’s wrestlers are there is always room to grow and develop and get better. So why not have a developmental system under your top brand to give others a once in a lifetime opportunity when they are ready for such a move to the brand. I believe Triple H supports the independent wrestling – case in point WWE working with and using a promotion like Evolve and their relationship with Sapolsky and the faith Triple H has in bringing Gabe in to be the man to lead this new team for this new show whenever it begins on TV.

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