Top 10 Office Episodes

The Office is my favorite show of all-time and is still to this day one of the most popular shows there is. We are all aware of the fact Netflix is no longer going to have the show on their streaming service as of January 1, 2021. I for one will be cancelling Netflix as will a lot of other people will be as well. The Office has many great episodes so I’m attempting to do the impossible. I’m going to give you my top 10. Yep, that’s right only 10! Some will agree and some what but regardless I would love to hear your feedback. Once you check out my top 10 comment below and tell me what you think. As always go to The Buzz to check out all of our amazing articles and live shows! Happy reading!

10.) The Injury- Season 2, Episode 12

9.) Goodbye Toby- Season 4, Episode 14

8.) Gossip- Season 6, Episode 1

7.) Casino Night — Season 2, Episode 22

6.) Stress Relief- Season 5, Episodes 14 & 15

5.) The Deposition — Season 4, Episode 12

4.) Finale- Season 9, Episodes 24 & 25

3.) The Convict- Season 3, Episode 9

2.) The Dundies- Season 2, Episode 1

1.) Dinner Party- Season 4, Episode 13

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