Turn UP the Fire, Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks are heading to the east coast to play the Washington Football Team Sunday with a chance to clinch a postseason slot. A win on Sunday is one of two ways that would provide the Seahawks their eighth playoff season in the last nine years. The Bears and Vikings, who are both 6-7, ending in a tie on Sunday would be the second.

What does Sunday’s match-up truthfully look like? Scary. Could Washington have a chance to beat the Seahawks? Sure. Will a win for Seattle be difficult? Absolutely. Is a win likely? Well, that’s the question that all 12’s are asking themselves.

Seattle’s defense can not make it easy for Washington’s offense to move the ball. The plus side to that is offensively Washington is struggling. Yes, they have been scoring points lately, but that has more to do with good field position provided by their defense or the Washington defense’s ability to score the ball themselves. They just signed Lamar Miller from the Bears’ practice squad which would indicate that Antonio Gibson is still dealing with his toe injury. However, Miller can’t even play Sunday against the Seahawks because he is still under COVID protocol and will not be cleared and active before game time. Washington’s only other two options are to hand the ball to J.D. McKissic or Peyton Barber. The Seahawks need to stop the run game early and force Washington’s quarterback (insert name) to throw the ball.

Will Alex Smith or Dwayne Haskins start Sunday? Alex Smith didn’t participate in practice on Wednesday or Thursday. He is dealing with a calf injury and given the injury is on his surgically repaired leg, Washington will be extremely cautious with Smith. If by chance Smith does start, he is going to have to play inside the pocket and will be lacking mobility without question. Rumor has it he will not start Sunday against Seattle. While Haskins had one good drive against the 49ers last week he is still lacking in confidence. Coach Pete Carroll said it would be a game day decision if Carlos Dunlap is able to play Sunday. If Dunlap can put pressure on either Smith or Haskins get ready to see turnovers and negative plays by Washington.

Washington’s Wide Receiver Terry McLaurin and TE Logan Thomas are the only two weapons left on Washington’s offense for the Seahawks defense to control. McLaurin would have to beat out Shaquil Griffin and Quinton Dunbar (if he plays). He has faced a lot of double teams the last couple of weeks and has not had much success. Unless Washington can get the run game going early or get the ball in McLaurin’s hands frequently they are just gong to struggle to score.

Russell Wilson and the Seahawks offense better be prepared for a battle against Washington’s defense. The Seahawks offense is ranked #4 and Washington’s defense raked #7. Clearly Washington has the talent to keep Wilson contained and this is what scares me. Will Washington be able to completely stop the Seahawks offense? NO! They may be able to make Wilson uncomfortable under pressure with Chase Young and Montez Sweat though. Chris Carson and Carlos Hyde need to be ready to fight for yards and did someone say DK? Washington doesn’t have a single player that can match up with Metcalf. He’s simple too big, too fast and too strong. Washington will have to double up to cover him they don’t have any other option. If there is double coverage on Metcalf what happens? It leaves Tyler Lockett wide open, Game on!

The Seahawks team as a whole looked to be back on track during last week’s win against the Jets. Granted there were a few hiccups here and there. Russell and the Boys need to bring that same energy and drive on the field this Sunday. It just might be the key element needed for the Seahawks to win. Let’s turn up the fire because Russell is back to cooking and lock up the playoff slot.

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