Josh Allen is the Future

Do you all remember a few years back when the Buffalo Bills drafted a QB from the University of Wyoming in 2018? Josh Allen was drafted 7th overall in that draft that had fellow QBs Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold, Baker Mayfield, and Lamar Jackson. People were not on the hype train for Allen when he came out of Wyoming and it truly has me wondering why? I am a stat guy so let’s dive in and see what Allen brings to the table.

2018: Rookie Year

Josh opened the season as the backup for veteran Qb Nathan Peterman. Allen went on to finish his rookie season at a 5-6 record, completing 52.8 percent of his passes, 2,074 passing yards, 10 TD passes, 12 INT, 67.9 passer rating, and a 49.8 QBR. Allen also finished with 631 Rushing Yards, and 8 Rushing TD. That is a total of 18 TD for the rookie. Truly a rough start to the career of Josh Allen. This is to be expected though as he was a rookie playing for a train wreck franchise.

2019: Sophomore Year

Expectations were huge for the second-year QB and he met those expectations and doubled down on it. Allen lead this Bills team to the playoffs with a 10-6 record and earning a wild card berth. Allen finished 2019 by completing 58.8 of his passes, throwing 3,089 passing yards, 20 TD passes, 9 INT, 85.3 Passer Rating, and a 47.9 QBR. Josh also accounted for 510 Rushing Yards, and 9 Rushing TD. 29 Total TD for Josh. His QBR dropped from his rookie year which was truly alarming because he was missing a lot of passes which was a red flag for him coming out of college. Everything else Allen was able to improve. We saw some of what the future was gonna look like in Josh Allen but we only saw glimpses of it as he was only touching the surface of his ability as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

2020: Junior Year

The Buffalo Bills finally realized what they have with Allen at the helm. A trade was made to acquire Minnesota Vikings All-Pro WR Stefon Diggs for a first-round 2020 pick. Diggs was gonna be a difference-maker for Allen as most predicted before the 2020 season started and man were they correct. Allen as it stands right now through 14 weeks of the 2020 season has the Bills at 10-3. Allen is completing 68.6% of his passes (Career High), has thrown 3,641 Passing Yards (Career High), 28 Passing TD (Career High), 9 INT, 103.3 Passer Rating (Career High), 76.0 QBR (Career High). Oh yeah, I forgot… Allen has 350 Rushing Yards and 6 Rushing TD. Allen as of right now has 34 Total TD (Career High) so far in this 2020 season.

Josh Allen is the evolution of what the Quarterback needs to be in today’s game and the future. A QB that can be balanced by throwing in the pocket, and on the run. A powerful arm that can throw 65 yards plus at any given moment. A player that can extend the play at any given moment and not stand in the pocket like a Philip Rivers and just be cemented when pressure is coming through the A gap. A player that can recognize what the defense is doing at any given moment. Josh Allen is hitting each and every note to be the future that we all are gonna witness in the next 5-10 years.

It’s time to put some respect on Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen and what he is going to bring for the future of this game of football.

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