Eminem | MTBMB Side B Coming?

It seems Christmas is coming early for fans of Eminem! There is talk that the legendary rapper will release a new album companion piece to his hit album “Music to Be Murdered By” this Friday. This comes a week after the new Taylor Swift and Brittany Spears albums dropped. What a crazy month this has been, but how else would you end this crazy year?

The blood-drenched artwork (seen above) for the upcoming album has been appearing online but it has not been verified. A press release for the album, including a track list, was posted on social media.

After a thorough search online, several valid sources were able to in fact confirm Side B’s existence and we at The Buzz are thrilled and excited to have confirmed this!

The music video director Cole Bennett, who filmed Em’s “Godzilla” clip, also posted a picture of an 8 Mile highway sign on social media last month. Eminem also appeared in a quick cameo on the December 5th episode of “Saturday Night Live” at the end of the Christmas themed spoof of Em’s classic song “Stan”. The fact that Eminem’s last two albums, “Music to be Murdered By” and 2018’s “Kamikaze,” were both released without warning tells me that it’s likely he is releasing a new album. If not then why try to draw up all this attention to yourself without a payoff.

Well if your an Eminem fan like myself I guess we have to wait until Friday to see if the rumors are true. Do you want another Eminem album? Have you really enjoyed his last few albums? What “rumored” collaborations are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.

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