Villa Captain Banned From Driving

Aston Villa captain Jack Grealish has been banned from driving for 9 months and fined £82,499 after drink driving during the March Lockdown earlier this year.

Grealish pleaded guilty in court to crashing his white Range Rover into two parked cars and a wall. The England international was also ordered to pay an additional £220 in costs and a £181 victim surcharge.

The Villa captain pleaded guilty on 24th November to the actions which happened a day after he posted a video asking people to stay home and protect the NHS.

Whilst arriving at court to hear the verdict a member of Grealish team drove his car to distract the media from taking photos, whilst another handed out chocolate bars. Grealish then arrived on foot in another direction.

Two other charges were dropped after a lack of evidence was revealed to the court. Grealish’s solicitor stated that his client was “deeply ashamed” by the incident and was “genuinely sorry” for his actions and that upon reflection he should have “modified” his driving after being involved in the original incident in March.

“Mr Grealish acknowledges that his driving on these two occasions was very poor.” Aston Villa are set to play on Thursday against Burnley but there has been no word on if this will affect his starting position in the squad or role as captain.

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