Sasha Banks on Her Role in “The Mandalorian”

WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks did an interview on Instagram with ProSieben MAXX, Banks discussed a variety of topics that included how she got the role in “The Mandalorian.” 

Banks starred as Koska Reeves in the popular Star Wars series. She would talk about how the director noticed her and then offered Sasha the role. Banks explained that the director watched her appearance on the show titled Hot Ones, “I said that I’m a WWE Superstar.” He said he loved her personality on Hot Ones and wanted to write a role for Sasha. She was just honestly in a state of shock to this day, Banks is pinching herself regarding the fact that the wrestler was even in a Star Wars episode. The whole experience was just nothing more than surreal for Sasha. “It’s so crazy, but it’s such an honor as well. If you have a dream, anything can happen. Let the universe guide you,” Banks said.

It’s important to make mention this was the first credited role for Sasha Banks, when the question was asked if she had to take any acting lessons for The Mandalorian. Her response, “I act every single week on Friday Night Smackdown.” Banks also said, “I was acting every single week on Monday Night Raw. There’s nothing to really prepare for. When you work for the WWE, you have everything you need.”

Credit to quotes used for this article goes to ProSieben MAXX. 

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