Top 5 Free YouTube Workout Channels to Combat Pandemic Pounds

2020 has been a loooooong year of staying home and waiting around for things to open up again. For some people that meant extra time for mediation and personal development. For the rest of us, it meant embracing our old friend the carb during long wine and beer filled dinners and the creation of fun cocktails we had only read about previously. This can lead to some unwanted weight gain and with the vaccine being released and our own imminent release just around the corner, we may want to work some of that off. Here are some free channels to help you in that goal.

The Fitness Marshall

If your goal is to simply get off the couch and have some fun look no further. Caleb Marshall of famed Fitness Marshall provides dance workouts that are great for all fitness levels as well as fun for the whole family. From Dad bod enthusiasts to teenagers and all the way down to toddlers, everyone in your family can get in some cardio with these super fun workouts. A video production major in college, Caleb offers sweet LA scenery complimented with amusing graphics to bring a little fun to your daily sweat sesh. He even offers various levels for those who may not be interested in the more vigorous version of his workouts. Follow along with one of his “back up booties” to demonstrate level 1 for beginners or follow Caleb for a more choreo inspired workout. Throughout the video, he cheers you on as well as encourages his followers to embrace their mistakes, reminding us all that dancing is supposed to be fun. Everyone messes up sometimes and that is ok, when you are off your couch moving around you are doing your body good, and that is all that matters. He uploads a new video to his channel every Tuesday consistently offering fresh content set to the newest top 40 hit of the moment. Self described as a combination of Richard Simmons and Britney Spears, he brings the fun along with fitness to his 3 million subscribers.

Fit Body by Ashley

I love Ashley because she is a true success story and actually practices what she preaches.  After a 30lb weight loss in 3 months, she felt inspired to share her story with others to help them along their own journey. She truly enjoys offering support and tips to others who may have similar goals of dropping pounds by combining cardio dance with calisthenics.  She doesn’t offer much commentary during the workouts so you will want to watch her closely to see what move will be coming up next but the sweat is REAL with this one. Never before have I seen such a smooth transition between salsa dancing and squats, or bootie bumping and burpees. Her choreography is smooth but challenging, and offers a playlist that just won’t quit. Her moves remind me of our pre pandemic carefree days at the clurb when we could freely get down with the get down. If you want to get yourself heart healthy and drop some pounds while really feeling yourself, Fit Body by Ashley is for you.

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting of TikTok fame sped her way to the top of most talked about fitness vloggers. Most known for her 2 week shred challenges, Chloe offers more callisthenic based workouts. Her videos provide you with a fitness move and will often show a picture in a picture of the move before you actually get into it. She provides a timer so you are only doing each move for 30 seconds and get 10 seconds rest in between moves. This follows the HIIT workout mentality of effective workouts in a shorter time. She provides three sets for each routine and no equipment is needed! Perfect for your local stay at home order. In 2020 alone, Chloe has won the Health and Wellness category at the Streamy Awards, and was a finalist in the Health and Wellness creative and media category in the 2020 Shorty Awards as well as a finalist in Best Online Entertainment for the 2020 AACTA Awards. You may not recognize all of the music she plays in her workouts but you will be panting too hard to care. My advice is to start with her low impact workouts and work your way up. The reviews people have submitted for her various 2 week challenges claiming success upon waist snatching success speak for themselves, but if that isn’t enough for you, perhaps her 16.4 million subscribers will convince you to give her a try.


Voted one of the top 10 You Tube Channels for the past 4 years straight, HASfit has your back when it comes to being fit and healthy. Advertised as a workout just as good as any in the gym group class, these workouts come to you from husband and wife team Joshua and Claudia Kozak. Joshua is a certified personal trainer and offers workouts that he himself has designed with the idea that improving health and fitness should be 100% free because your heart and soul (HAS) deserve to be healthy and fit. This duo offers more than just workouts on their channel though. You can also get meal plans, fitness and health information, as well as nonstop motivation to reach your goals. Each workout video starts with a brief overview of the types of moves you can expect to see in the next 15-45 minutes, depending on which video you choose. You will often need a pair of dumbbells, but really that should be it for equipment. Combining dumbbells with your standard callisthenic moves like pushups and lunges, you will most certainly feel the burn in no time. Follow Joshua for standard workout and Claudia for a lighter version if you are more of a beginner or prefer a modified move. A fun feature of this plan is that they also offer an app that has personal training workouts on the go. They can provide you with a 30 day schedule and various programs to help keep track of your progress.

Nate Bower Fitness

Looking to get some aggression out while you are stuck at home, Nate Bower offers a full channel of boxing workouts. A certified personal trainer based out of Toronto, he states on his website that fitness without fun sets a person up for failure. His goal is to provide the variety you need to stick with a fitness routine once and for all. He recently started a 21 day challenge to help people get through this last month of 2020 in better spirits and better health. 20 minutes of workout for 21 days to help get you that full body sweat. He provides both a warm up and a cool down sandwiching 16 minutes of full body boxing workout. The music is on point and if you like boxing, this guy is for you. Boxing can be overlooked when it comes to at home fitness but there are few workouts that can boast a better full body experience. In addition to the 21 day challenge, he also offers various HIIT workouts, home boxing workouts, and boxing combinations to use in the ring. Take some time and look through his boxing techniques section as this is such a great resource for a rookie boxer or even someone who has been out of the ring for awhile. He even offers workouts for kids, so there is no excuse to not get everyone involved. As Nate says, “it’s your move, I’m in your corner.” Now get to it!

Try not to wait for January 1st to start your fitness program this time around. Elevate those endorphins, make yourself and your body happy by embracing a new healthy routine, whatever that may look like. Please PLEASE keep in mind that not all of these fitness personalities are certified personal fitness trainers. It is always important to speak to your physician and/or a licensed professional for your specific fitness needs particularly if you have an injury. Now that we offered that disclaimer, get off your couch and get to stepping, it’s sweat time people.


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