Sunday’s Epic Moments by the Seahawks

If you’re a 12th man/lady like myself you are basking in the glory of Victory Monday with the Seattle Seahawks’ win against the New York Jets yesterday. The Seahawks dominated the field and sent the Jets back to New York with their worst loss this season, 40-3. Other than that first “NOT AGAIN!” moment we all had when Jets kicker Sergio Castillo made a 45-yd field goal at the start of the game the Seahawks looked back on track.

I could lay it on thick about how horrible the Jets really are or I can talk about epic moments of yesterday game. The Jets at this point are in the running for the NFL’s Worst Team Ever Award. The 2017 Cleveland Browns currently hold the title with the 0-16 season. Honestly, if I were Trevor Lawrence I would consider returning to Clemson for my senior year to avoid his one way ticket to the hot mess express station of MetLife Stadium.

Epic Moments by the Seattle Seahawks!

Redemption by Jamal Adams

Adams made NFL history against his former team setting the single-season record for sacks by a defensive back with 8.5. Pete Carroll doesn’t give out game balls after victories but an exemption was made for this epic moment. Adams called the gesture “pretty cool” and a sign of how much the organization supports him.

“Excuse me you’re in my way.”

Chris Carson’s touch down. Wilson handed the ball to Carson at 1st and Goal. Carson took off and hurdled over a the pile of Jets into the end zone for a touchdown. The hurtles, flips and tricks are back in action.

“Happy Birthday DK Metcalf.”

Metcalf jumped into the empty stands and took charge of the broadcast camera, zooming in on his celebrating teammates after Russell Wilson floated the ball to the corner of the end zone in to the hands of DK for a touch down. Tyler Lockett presented Metcalf with a laminated early birthday message from the receivers: “DK, Happy Birthday!!! 4 days all expanses paid from us!”

Bust a Move!

We all know when the Seahawks are fired up when the field becomes a dance floor. Shaquille Griffin’s shimmy and shake was on point especially after he knocked the ball out of the hands of Jets wide receiver Breshad Perriman in the end zone. Griffin, Adams, and Metcalf were busting out the moves all through the game.

Boneheaded Jets!

Late in the fourth quarter the Jets were down 37-3 and Bless Austin made a bonehead move. Austin took off his helmet and then stuck his tongue out at the Seahawks sideline. Thank you Austin for the 15-yard penalty and First down that we then turned in to a touchdown. You’re the best!

Let Russ Rest!

Wilson’s four touchdowns gave him 36 this season, breaking his own franchise record, so why not “Let Russ Rest.” Its a rare sight to see, Wilson sitting on the bench and enjoying the moment. Geno Smith took the field early in the third quarter joining Hyde, Swain, Dallas, and Hollister. It was time to get the guys some play action together and Smith was thrilled.

During the postgame press conference Head Coach Pete Carroll opened with “Well, this is a real complete win for us today. Across the board, all phases worked well. Everybody got to play. It was really fun to see our guys get a chance to get out there, get some real play time. Real solid performance across the board, in all areas.”

Sunday’s win against the Jets was one of the biggest in franchise history. With a 9-4 record they are tied with the Rams for 1st place in the NFC West. Next up is the Team With No Name, Washington. Let’s keep this momentum going!

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