Devil’s Advocate: Yoel Romero to Bellator

Hey Buzz fans, if you guys have followed any of my work, you’ll probably know that I’m not overly fond of Bellator MMA, but let the record show that I think 2021 is gonna be the year of Bellator.

I have always known Bellator for the smaller weight classes, what they have done with the grand prix tournaments with the welterweight and flyweight division is an awesome concept. I enjoyed the thought of the heavyweight grand prix with all the big names from UFC, but a majority of the matches were lackluster at best, since guys like Frank Mir and Rampage Jackson were way past their prime. Not even the great Chael P. Sonnen could save the tournament, it wasn’t exciting. A lot can be said for the welterweight tourney which was extremely exciting and the flyweight tourney going on as we speak has been every bit as exciting as it was promoted. Truth being, Bellator has really turned up the heat on trying to build their homegrown guys that have been well past deserving the limelight, guys like Douglas Lima, the Pitbull brothers, and the white hot A.J McKee. But in my opinion the bigger weight classes have always been lacking in action, they had the big names that brought the star power and name brand, but the fights just weren’t fun. But as of recent, something has changed.

I see Bellator making moves that were not commonly used to seeing, they’re making decisions that actually make sense! They have signed former top five ranked light heavyweight contender Corey Anderson and just as of last week they signed former title challenger Anthony “Rumble” Johnson to the heavyweight division. As of TODAY it’s all over the internet that Coker has gone back on his words from earlier this week and is going to sign Yoel Romero.

Now I know what your thinking, “Oh Bellator is just signing guys the UFC doesn’t want.” Let me clarify there is a huge difference in the recent signings and the previous signings of guys like Tito Ortiz and Wanderlie Silva, the latter of the names I mentioned still have A LOT of miles in the tank. There are big names that can still put on a great fight and bring a lot of credibility to the company. Guys that they can put with their already extremely talented fighters Bellator has that are absolute hammers that just don’t have any opposition to face that helps get their name out there so eventually they can become household names for Bellator.  And no I’m not talking about Ryan Bader who at one point held the heavyweight and light heavyweight titles, I mean that’s how shallow these divisions were.

Bader recently lost the light heavyweight title to Vadim Nemkov, a guy that if you didn’t follow Bellator you wouldn’t know who he is. I mean honestly this guy could be the future of the company, he is an absolute killer who made quick work of the extremely uninteresting Bader who in my eyes is only a champion because of lack of competition and rarely ever defends the belts. So I’m digging Coker’s “out with the old and in with the new.” Imagine Julius Anglikas facing off with Corey Anderson or Yoel Romero? That would be a fight people would tune into AND actually enjoy the fight, not just a guy like Bader who is famous for his “lay and pray” tactics. Also it should be noted Anthony Johnson has already made quick work of Bader when they faced off at UFC, Johnson won that bout in round one via KO.

At first Coker said he was passing on Yoel Romero, stating they weren’t going to sign the O.G. (Yoel Romero) just like they passed on Anderson Silva. I think there is a big difference between the two, as Anderson has been on a  losing skid where the fights were one sided at best. Romero has always entertained and most of the time won his latest matches excluding the Championship fight with Adesanya. I think Romero still has quite a bit left in the tank even at his advanced age. But the latest signings of Anderson, Johnson, and now possibly Romero, they bring in more talent to fight and hopefully build up the few talented fighters they have in the bigger weight classes, guys like Nemkov, Anglickas, and other extremely talented fighters that you wouldn’t normally know who they are. Hopefully they’ll build their fighters brand power and their drawing power and in the end it’ll be better for the promotion all in all.

So Buzz fans, what are your thoughts about Bellator signing these talented fighters? 

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