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Hey everyone I hope all is well in this crazy world we are living in nowadays and I hope everyone is safe and healthy. Everyone should have been excited yesterday because Taylor Swift released her new album “Evermore” and that gave everyone piled up in their homes something to listen to. This was Tay Sway’s 3rd album release this year after the albums “Folklore” and “Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions”. Evermore kind of caught me off guard, especially since I’m a huge Taylor fan, I had no idea it was coming out until the day of. I really enjoyed both the albums she released earlier this year and had high expectations for this one. Did it reach my expectations? Well, I’m glad you asked. Here is my review of Taylor’s newest album “Evermore.”

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The song “Willow” is the first single off this album and I do like this song and it’s a good way to get your interest in the album – it gets you hooked. She does a really good job at gauging her listeners, especially with the first few tracks of this album as well as in her previous albums. The Willow video is also fantastic and I could literally watch it over and over. I feel Swift does her best work when all she’s contending with is herself. I love the fact she is inviting us deeper into her world. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but people love realism and it only makes things more relatable which people like as well. Her music being so relatable is why I’m such a huge fan of hers. The influence of the song “Goodbye Earl” in her song “No Body, No Crime” is absolutely amazing. Who doesn’t like the song “Goodbye Earl?” Taylor does a great job of talking about a part of herself, getting the point across, and moving on to the next part. In “Champagne Problems” she’s the difficult girlfriend whose life and career interferes with her romantic life and in “Closure” you get a Taylor that refuses to offer any sort of regret in not satisfying an ex’s self-serving request. There literally is something for everyone on this album. This album features appearances by The National, Haim, and Bon Iver. Bon Iver is a guy I have to thank Taylor for as I was unfamiliar with him – but man is this guy badass!

The final song of the album, which just like the album, is titled “Evermore”, is easily my favorite song off of the album. That’s no disrespect to the other songs. I’m not a homer by any means as far as it comes to Taylor’s work, as I haven’t been the biggest fan of her albums especially in her early days, just to be clear. But this track hits me just like the song “Exile” did on her last album “Folklore.” When Iver’s voice kicks in for the duet in the middle of this song, you feel the sense or urgency pick up in the song as you get to the redemptive ending. It has that feel of a crisis in love or just the crisis we all feel these days with the ongoing pandemic. Iver gives this a song a jolt and literally gives me goosebumps every time he comes in.

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Cannot think of all the cost and the things that will be lost. Can Oh, can we just get a pause? To be certain, we’ll be tall again?

Bon Iver in Taylor Swift’s “Evermore”

That line in this song can relate to so many things. First thing that comes to my mind, is this pandemic we are currently in; with thousands of people losing their lives and many others fighting for theirs. People sometimes question will we ever get past this? Then with love, if your suffering from issues with that, will you ever get over it? Will you find love again? Coming from a guy who has failed miserably to find happiness in life and love – I’ll tell you it’s out there. Don’t blame yourself, because you being you is all you need to do. You have specific things about you that make you unique and you should never let what someone says or does make you forget or be embarrassed about that. Listening to this album makes me think about such things, as it takes you down a mental road you might not want to go on; but once you reach the end, you’re better for it. This album gets a 5-star review from me and I’m very thankful to Taylor for dropping it at such a sensitive time and Christmas coming up. This is a time to be thankful for good health, family, and friends. Taylor really helps drive that point home on this album.

Thank you all for reading my review, I honestly to appreciate it. You can catch all my work on The Buzz as well as on The Buzz’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We have tons of talented writers and podcasters that you should check out. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holidays and I highly recommend you listen to this album as I think it’s one of her absolute best. Thank you Taylor for this gift, especially at a time where things are so uncertain and people are living day-by-day just hoping to be able to afford food, a home, and have good health. This is a great distraction from the chaos and helps put things into perspective.

Have a great day everyone we will talk again soon.

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