Kid Cudi Man On the Moon III: The Chosen Album Review

Kid Cudi dropped his newest album Man On the Moon III: The Chosen on December 11, 2020. This is his first full length album since 2016’s Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin. Since then, he has dropped single with Travis Scott and Eminem, as well as the KIDS SEE GHOSTS project with Kanye West in 2018. Kid Cudi is an interesting artist, and this album does a lot to showcase that. In a genre that is dominated with bragging about women, money, drugs, and fame Cudi has risen to success in an unconventional way. Cudi’s subject matter tends to center around his feelings and emotions, and this is what really connects with people, I think. His career has come a long way since dropping the first Man On the Moon record in 2009 for Kanye West’s GOOD music label, I have been a fan of his since then, so I was excited when I heard about this release.

The album has 18 songs that fly by in 58 minutes. The first two things that I noticed about this album is that is has a very chilled out vibe with solid beats and Cudi seems to be singing more on this album. I have always enjoyed the sound of Cudi’s records, sonically, and this is a nice return to form. I thought it was a perfect way to kick off the album with the theme from Cudder’s anthem, from the first record, on the song “Beautiful Trip.” “She Knows This” was the first song released on the album and it has the catchiness of a hit single. The lyrics on the songs “Dive,” “Damaged,” “Heaven On Earth,” and “The Void” really resonated with me. I am not the biggest fan of the singing/rapping combo but songs like “Elsie’s Baby Boy (Flashback)” and “Sept 16” really caught my ear. This album is an enjoyable listen all the way through. My initial reaction was minor disappointment because I felt that there was more singing than rapping. As I listened a couple more times, the songs really won me over and I found myself bobbing my head for much of the album.

Singing has always been a part of Cudi’s repertoire but I feel like he features it a little more in his tracks now.  It feels like the progression Childish Gambino made going from Because The Internet to “Awaken, My Love!”  Long story short, you will really enjoy this album if you are a Kid Cudi fan. If you are new to Kid Cudi, I recommend you start with the first record and work your way down from there. Kid Cudi is a remarkably interesting artist to watch evolve, because his is not afraid to try new things (check out his WZRD project and his album Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven) yet still stay in his wheelhouse. Let us know how you enjoyed it and what you think the standout tracks are in the comments below.

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