WWE Sending Talent to the Performance Center to Improve

Vince McMahon reportedly has not been pleased with the in-ring work of certain superstars in WWE. The Chairman believes certain talent needs to be refined and show more improvement in the squared-circle. McMahon apparently threw about the working ability of some of the superstars on the main roster shows for the company. Vince is not very happy with some of the big guys that wrestle for him. According to the rumor, The boss made the order to have some of the wrestlers from both Raw and Smackdown return to the WWE Performance Center by undergoing two training classes per week. Adam Pearce who is currently a WWE Producer and Drew Gulak who wrestles on Raw will teach the classes.

Here are the names of wrestlers who will be sent to the Performance Center for further training, Keith Lee, Otis, Dabba-Kato, Mace from Retribution, and Omos the bodyguard for AJ Styles. All have been used in big roles on tv for the WWE, but McMahon feels they all need to work on getting better in the ring. Regular workouts that Pearce and Gukak teach will be held on Tuesdays & Thursdays at the Performance Center. 

To any fan watching we honestly would miss if any of the names mentioned were struggling inside the ring. However Vince and WWE notice a problematic pattern with their talent that we don’t see. Now Mace, Dabba-Kato, and Omos one can understand their viewpoint there, but on Lee and Otis I don’t necessarily agree. From what this rumor is reporting it’s all part of the process, which I get but if some of the talent were not ready to be called up to the main roster  and featured on your major shows on television, then why have them on Raw or Smackdown? Just keep them in NXT. To me that’s your solution, and I understand sometimes even Vince McMahon doesn’t quite see that concerning the new talent coming up to compete on his TV show in primetime till he watches them and he wants to give his talent time to grow. The unfortunate part for all involved is one or two suffer while the ones needing improvement should be the ones to go back and train to improve and then you make the call to have the talent back on your television. Vince obviously has seen something with respect to him and WWE. Maybe I’m missing it and they are supposed to catch it when something is not right with the matches, so that makes sense. 

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